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Toshiba Satellite M300D-M305D


This is a guide to running Linux with the Toshiba Satellite M300D-M305D laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

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NameToshiba Satellite M300D-M305D
ProcessorAMD Turion 64 X2
Screen14.1“ WXGA Widescreen
HDD250GB to 320GB
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsATI Radeon 3100
NetworkGigabit Marvell Ethernet, Atheros 802.11bg

Linux Compatibility

Processor Works PowerNow works with 2.6.26 or newer
LCD Screen Works Maximum 1280×800 resolution
HDD Works Use AHCI SATA driver
Optical Drive Works
Graphics Works With ATI binary drivers to get 3D acceleration
Sound Works With OSS4 oss_hdaudio driver (no microphone input using ALSA snd-hda-intel driver)
Ethernet Works With sky2 module on 2.6.26 kernel or newer
Wireless Works With latest madwifi (kernel <2.6.26) or ath9k module (kernel 2.6.26 or newer)
56K Modem Works With Linuxant HSF modem drivers
USB Works EHCI + OHCI, USB 2.0 works
Firewire Not Tested
Card Reader Works Winbond W83L51xD interface
ExpressCard Slot Not Tested
Camera Works With UVC V4L driver


You can enter any specific notes with running Linux on the Toshiba Satellite M300D-M305D here.


The M305D I have is the M305D-S4829, with AMD Turion and 4 GB of ram. I have tried both Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) and Gentoo. So far, I prefer Gentoo on it, simply because of my familiarity with Gentoo instead of Ubuntu. However, both worked approximately the same way. The Hardy Heron LiveCD didn't recognize either the ethernet or the wireless cards (drivers weren't up to date). However there was a binary hack for the sky2 module to load and make the ethernet work on ubuntu forums. Everything besides the microphone works when using the right driver. Only downside is that the microphone input isn't detected from either Ubuntu or Gentoo. The inputs appear in alsamixer, but don't seem to work properly.


sebastian bermeo, 2010/03/03 17:45

Hi! I've installed opensuse 11.2 in my m305d-s4833 and the microphone works just perfect!, there was a known bug with the wireless but was easy solved. (i can't find again the web page, but it was in the opensuse forums)

sebastian bermeo, 2010/03/03 17:45

Hi! I've installed opensuse 11.2 in my m305d-s4833 and the microphone works just perfect!, there was a known bug with the wireless but was easy solved. (i can't find again the web page, but it was in the opensuse forums)

rahul, 2010/01/28 22:49

i ma using toshiba satellite m305d
and have oss4 installed


Scott Garrett, 2010/01/28 23:06

In ossxmix, play around with the PCM modes for… I'm thinking it was int-mic and/or fp-pink or recordsrc (I no longer have OSS4 – let alone the same laptop – anymore, so my memory is a bit fuzzy).

Scott Garrett, 2010/01/28 18:52

Use OSS4. It is still broken in the ALSA driver.

Rommel Martinez, 2009/06/09 17:21

I read at that adding acpi_osi=“Linux” in the boot options (/boot/grub/menu.lst for GRUB) suggests that a DSDT override is unnecessary to fix the ACPI issues.

And it works!

(I'm running Debian Testing (codename “Squeeze” at the time of writing) x86_64 on a Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4830)

kamal, 2009/05/14 20:38

Hi m using m305-s4830 ; i tried installing fedora 10 dvd 64 bit…

it asked for the few options i choose “install or upgrade” like then it

go few steps ahead and stops with below like text on screen


[<ffffff055d110>] (acpi_irq+0×0/0×28)

Disabling IRQ #9

can anybody suggest what to do? my emailid.

Thanks in advance

Scott Garrett, 2009/05/14 20:42

See post Monday 23 of March, 2009 [13:46:11] below.

Jon C., 2009/04/13 16:41

Can someone confirm whether the DSDT for the 4830 linked above works with the S4829? I have the 4829 with Gentoo and have had issues with the ACPI stuff - though I did get my battery info to display (I just enabled every single laptop module possible… probably not smart, but it works). The issues I have are crashes with the ATI drivers, and it reboots instead of shutting down. There are also some openGL bugs, but that's another issue. Thanks!

Goeland, 2009/02/11 19:25

Scott, do you have a working DSDT for the 305D you could share with us?

Scott Garrett, 2009/02/11 19:42 is the one I debugged and am using for my M305D-S4830. Hopefully, it should work for others, too.

Rommel M. Martinez, 2009/03/23 16:12

I also have a M305D-S4830 and I'm running Debian x86-64 on that machine. Can I just:

cp custom.dsdt /etc/initramfs-tools/DSDT.aml
update-initramfs -u

Reboot and have it “working”, or do I have to do other things to set things up properly? I'm experiencing ACPI issues wrt the system not being able to display battery status.

Scott Garrett, 2009/03/23 17:46

Another fix that may work instead of overriding the DSDT is to add…


…to the kernel parameters in ”/boot/grub/menu.lst”.

Rommel M. Martinez, 2009/03/23 18:01

Thank you for replying.

I just did that, but unfortunately yacpi (or any ACPI info util in this regard) still doesn't display the battery status correctly (if at all).

Rommel M. Martinez, 2009/03/23 18:07

I first tried my luck with toshiba_acpi modules, but:

# modprobe toshiba_acpi
FATAL: Error inserting toshiba_acpi (/lib/modules/2.6.26-1-amd64/kernel/drivers/acpi/toshiba_acpi.ko): No such device

I then tried the omnibook drivers, but the build failed miserably.

Scott Garrett, 2009/03/23 18:59

You probably want to use powernow-k8.

Rommel M. Martinez, 2009/03/23 19:15

I am using powernow-k8.

$ cat /etc/modules

Rommel M. Martinez, 2009/05/15 02:49

So, any solution to the ACPI battery information issue so far?

ambrish roshan, 2009/01/21 10:11

please tell me
when i am install redhat linux
in my laptop model satelite L300

then so
error no hardware driver found.
how to solve this problem
please tell me any body

robert, 2008/12/19 17:37

how can i install the new kernel in my laptop. i have fedora 9 and i cant use my Wireless

Anna Gabutero, 2008/12/02 15:41

Fleshed out the hardware compatibility list with more details. I've gotten almost every piece of hardware on my M305D-S4829 to work (including the microphone using OSS4). The only one I haven't confirmed yet is Firewire since I never use it.

Ryan Glover, 2009/01/17 01:55

I have M305D-S4829 and I am having a problem with acpi do you guys get this problem and if so how do you go about fixing it?

Scott Garrett, 2009/02/08 02:18

You have to debug and override the DSDT to get ACPI working properly.

rahul, 2010/01/28 18:42


i was just wondering how did u fixed the mic issue . I am not able to use either internal or external mic ..
ne help is welcome..


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