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Samsung N150 Plus


J.A. Watson


The Samsung N150 Plus is an updated version of the N150 10“ netbook.


NameSamsung N150 Plus
ProcessorIntel Atom N450 1.66 GHz
Screen10” 1024×600
Optical DriveNone
Graphics Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller
NetworkPCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller, Broadcom Wireless Adapter b/g/n

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveN/A-
56K ModemNot Tested-
Card ReaderYesSD Card
ExpressCard SlotN/A-


The clear winner for Linux on this netbook is Fedora 16, as it is the only distribution which gets the screen brightness control correct and stable.

When running openSuSE, wireless networking often doesn't connect automatically on boot (and doesn't even list the default network SSID in the Network Manager list). To get around this, go into the Network Manager icon on the panel, disable Wireless Networking, and then enable it again.


I have noticed a couple of things that I consider to be significant advantages to this netbook. First, it is incredibly quiet. If there is a fan in there, it is the quietest I've ever had. But it doesn't get exceptionally warm or hot. I don't know how they pull this off. Second, it boots very quickly - 30 seconds for Ubuntu Netbook Edition compared to over 90 seconds for Windows 7 Starter - and it suspends and resumes like lightning - about 5 seconds each way. Wow.

Details on Linux Distributions:

Fedora 16: This is clearly the best choice of the distributions I have tried on this netbook. Primarily because it does not have any problem with the display brightness, but also because absolutely everything works, including all of the Fn-key functions (sound up/down/mute, brightness up/down/mute, wireless off/on, touchpad off/on, sleep). The only thing you have to be careful about is that the Broadcom wireless driver (brcmsmac) was not included in the initial release of Fedora 16, so after the initial installation you have to have a wired network connection (or wireless broadband I suppose) so that you can install all the Fedora updates. Once that is done, the Broadcom WiFi adapter will work.

Ubuntu 11.10/Linux Mint 12/Linux Mint Debian 201109 Gnome: Installed from a LiveUSB stick with no problems. After booting the installed system, the “Additional Hardware Drivers” utility will pop up and offer to install the Broadcom STA WiFi driver. Do NOT accept this offer, it is not necessary. The new FOSS Broadcom brcmsmac driver is installed by default, and it actually works better than the STA driver as well. Everything works fine when running on AC power, but there is a serious problem with display brightness fluctuating when running on battery power.

openSuSE 12.1: Installed with no problems. This also has the problem with the display brightness, but it can be solved by going into Power Settings / Power Profiles and disable “Dim Display”. Also, the Fn-key control for brightness adjustment does not work properly, it jumps between lowest and highest brightness very rapidly.

PCLinuxOS 2011.09: Has display brightness fluctuation problem, and Fn-key for brightness control doesn't work.

SimplyMEPIS 11: Seems to work pretty well. Display brightness does not fluctuate, but Fn-key brightness controls do not work, either. Otherwise everything seems very good.


pavel Ukraine, 2011/12/13 19:28

on my samsung N148P OS Debian 6.0.3 works fine with samsung-toolse from Voria.

roderick rigor s arota, 2011/03/31 05:48

with regards of my n 150 plus some time's if play a music
there is a late reaction my speaker

like greeeeeeeeeeh bogohdgjakhgas

fossean, 2011/03/04 13:27

There is a fix here for getting the function keys to change brightness (I have tested this on an N150 Plus).

Nick Miller, 2011/01/03 00:18

Install samsung-tools. This makes most of the Fn keys work properly.

Linux on my Samsung (

strider, 2010/11/12 08:57

I have just installed Gentoo and a XFCE desktop in this netbook, and it goes like a charm. At first, I had problems with the Broadcom card, but I installed the spa driver and now it works fine. Now I have the problem with the screen brightness, but I will try the script above. Also, I have not yet tested the bluetooth.

By the way, I completely wiped out Windows and the restoration partitions. I'm pretty sure that I won't need them :-D

koa, 2010/11/03 06:21

Thank you guys. I have a problem. My screen brightness on my samsung N150 PLUS is stagnant, doesnt go down or up when i click on power and adjust brightness. I can see up arrow and down arrow for brightness. How do you reduce brightness. Its affecting my eyes. please help.

koa, 2010/11/03 06:33

ny comp runs on windows 7

J.A. Watson, 2010/10/10 20:47

Good News. I have just installed Ubuntu 10,10 (Maverick Meerkat) on the N150 Plus, and it appears to install and run without problem. I have tried both the standard distribution and the Netbook Edition. Everything seems to work - screen, touchpad, wired and wireless networking, sound and Bluetooth. The Broadcom wireless adapter is not directly supported in the base distribution, but if you boot after installing with a wired network connection, the “Additional Drivers” utility will pop up after a short time and offer to install the Broadcom STA driver. Once that is done, wireless networking works just fine. Good stuff.

jw 10/10/10

J.A. Watson, 2010/09/29 09:23

PCLinuxOS 2010.7: I have recently installed this distribution on the N150 Plus, and it works exceptionally well. The current based distribution (2010.7) does not include a driver for the Broadom 4313 WiFi adapter. However, if you install the latest updates after installation (using a wired connection), the Broadcom driver will be installed, and the Wireless Networking will work.


J.A. Watson, 2010/09/08 13:17

Update - Probably the most irritating limitation is the lack of screen brightness up/down control, especially because when the N150 Plus is running on battery power, the default brightness is quite low. Fortunately, I found a script on the Arch Linux Wiki that has a shell script which will adjust the screen brightness, and even has some instructions on how to configure that script to be called by the Fn-keys. Good stuff.


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