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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 11


Yoga 2 brings affordable multimode computing into reach. The budget-friendly Yoga 2's 10-point multitouch display flips back 360 degrees to offer four different usage modes — Laptop, Tablet, Stand, and Tent. Life has many modes — so should your technology.


ProcessorIntel® Pentium® N3520 (2.40GHz 1333MHz 2MB)
Intel® Celeron® N2920 (2.00GHz 1066MHz 2MB)
Screen11.6“ (1366 x 768) HD IPS display with 10-point multitouch and 178o wide-viewing angle
GraphicsIntegrated Intel® HD graphics
NetworkWireless, Bluetooth

Linux Compatibility

(U)EFIYesWorking Out-of-the-Box, even secureboot - use little button next to the powerbutton to enter bootmenu
Touch-ScreenYesJust a little hint: Chromium 34 got a nice touchscreen-friendly UI
Graphics ChipYes
HDMI PortNot Tested
Bulti-in MicrophoneYes
Headphone JackYes
Microphone JackNot TestedThe Microphone and Audio Jack is a 3.5 mm headset socket (TRRS / 4-conductor)
WirelessYesneed to to blacklist ideapad_laptop
Card ReaderYes
HotkeysYesAll hotkeys are working, some have no function but you can map them to what ever you want. Espacially I mention here that Volume and Brightness (after a little fix) and the other relevant Hotkeys work out-of-the-box.
Touch PadYes


I'm running this Laptop with Ubuntu Trusty.
TLP pushes the battery life, by the default configuration.
You also should install xbacklight and put 'xbacklight -set 20' into the autostart - it pushes the batterylife up to 8 hours


Wireless & Bluetooth work after you blacklist ideapad_laptop:

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/ideapad_laptop.conf
past this code:

blacklist ideapad_laptop

The brightness-hotkeys work after:

sudo nano /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf
past this code:

Section “Device”
Identifier “card0”
Driver “intel”
Option “Backlight” “intel_backlight”
BusID “PCI:0:2:0”


To enable multitouch on touchpad:

Multitouch on touchpad doesn't work right out of the box. The steps to fix it are here:

To rotate the screen nicely:

I wrote a little script to toogle between the different modes. You can find it here.

This is my code that I'm using, you might want to edit it for other modes.
I included many relevant commands but made them a comment
I mapped it to the button “rotation-lock-key” on the right side. Play a little with this code to get the configuration that fits for you ;-)

Improve WLAN:

The WLAN reception is not as good as the reception of other Laptops - on Win8 and on Ubuntu, so it's a hardware issue.
Have a look at this Photo:

I know - quality sucks - but it's sufficient.
In the right circle you see the WALN card. There are 2 wires one black, one white. They end in the left circle.
Now grab some other wire from your local hardware store, a soldering iron and extend the wires some centimeters.

That did it for me :-)

Upgrade to SSD:

See here

This laptop comes with different HDDs. Mine is the wd5000mpck. It got a proprietary plug called “SFF-8784 edge connector”, same with the wd5000m22k. I haven't found any SSD with this plug yet. So make sure you get a model with the ST500LT032 HDD, so you have a normal SATA-connection.

Please excuse if my English is not the best, I'm German.
further information found on my blog, german and english


Allen, 2015/06/02 13:02

With Ubuntu 15.04, everything works well. Wireless range is lacking and I wish there was support to detect if the laptop goes into tent mode and also to detect the orientation of the machine. I do have issues waking up from suspend (50/50 chance of having to force reboot) and then half of the time it wakes up properly, the network manager needs to be restarted.

In terms of usability, keyboard and mouse do nicely. Touchscreen is good. HDMI does indeed work. Bluetooth… I had to install Blueman to get my devices to auto reconnect properly. Battery life: about 5 hours normal use.

Gaming: I can play Wolfenstein ET on medium quality and get 60 FPS average.

<a href=""></a>, 2015/03/18 09:42

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Mark Lloyd, 2015/01/21 23:43

I'm using the next version (Utopic) on that laptop (mine came with a 120GB SSD).

Installation went well and almost everything works. F2 during boot does enter setup program (often called BIOS but it shouldn't be). I did not need to disable 'secure boot'.

Some special keys don't seem to work: volume keys (F1-F3 and those on the side), F6 (touchpad?), F8 (what is this?), and the rotate button on the side.

How do you map keys?

Carson, 2014/07/10 19:24

Thanks for sharing your Ubuntu experience on Yoga 2. I was able to setup everything but Bluetooth using your suggestions. I can operate the bluetooth module but cannot find and pair with any device I currently have. Any comment on this would be greatly appreciated…P.S. –> Backlight settings doesn't work on Xubuntu.

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