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Lenovo Ideapad U350


This is a user submitted page about the ins and outs of the Lenovo Ideapad U350. Here users can provide details about their experiences with this laptop and to provide helpful tips to others. Also available is the discussion section below which can be used to ask questions about the Lenovo Ideapad U350.

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NameLenovo IdeaPad U350
ProcessorIntel Pentium (1.30GHz 800MHz 2MB) or
Intel Core 2 ULV Solo (1.40GHz 800MHz 3MB)
Screen13.3“ HD WXGA LED 1366×768
HDD250GB to 350GB 5200rpm
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsIntel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X4500
NetworkBroadcom NetLink BCM57780 Ethernet,
Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 5100 802.11agn OR Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g,
Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR
Battery4 Cell Lithium-Ion

GNU/Linux Compatibility

ProcessorYestested with Core 2 Solo
ScreenYeswhen installing using Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD have to switch to safe graphics mode
Optical DriveNot Testedshould be tested with an external optical drive
GraphicsYesUbuntu 9.10: wotb* due to new Linux Kernel Mode Setting, compiz runs nice;
Ubuntu 9.04: bad resolution, uses generic vesa driver instead of intel
SoundYesWhen headphones inserted, sound plays simultaneously on headphones and speakers. FIX: add “options snd-hda-intel model=olpc-xo-1_5” to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
EthernetYesUsing tg3 driver in kernel, but have to load “broadcom” driver first, before loading the “tg3” driver
WirelessYeswotb in Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 (for the BCM4312 models just compile driver, using the patch given on the Broadcom website or use b43 driver (need kernel 2.6.32 or higher for this)
BluetoothNot Tested
56K ModemNot Tested
FirewireNot Present
Card ReaderYesWorks on Slackware 13.0 after custom kernel installation (just select the drivers from the menuconfig)
ExpressCard SlotNot Present
CameraYeswotb in Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10

*) works out of the box


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shariful alam, 2012/01/20 22:31

Dear Gentleman,
Some days Ago when I was working my Lenovo Idea Pad U350 laptops that time I will downloaded from the lenovo server Bios Update file and next I will trying to install this file but in the mean time my laptop was hanged and several times i will trying to normally shutdown but it does not shutdown on normally?
At that situation I was waiting for the some times regarding for normal shutdown? but nothing response and next time I will shutdown by forcing and again trying to start my laptop and next I will seen the problem in my laptop screen display does not working or nothing showing at display but laptop power is on position and cooling system fan was running on slowly ?

Now at that moment i have needs to be your advising, which was component damaging /Replacing /Driver installing by removing this problem Kindly help me.

Waiting for your response as soonest.

Best Regards,

Md. Shariful Alam (Pallab)
Global Trade And Engineering.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

markus ambalinggi, 2015/07/22 06:42

My laptop could not catch the wifi network, the internet can be used only when connected to a wired LAN

Thomas Poulsen, 2011/08/07 13:54

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 and wireless is working. It did not work during installation, but on the installed system it works.

Martin Dörflinger, 2011/01/31 18:58

Optical Devices like my LG GP08N works without any troubleshooting

Martin Dörflinger, 2011/01/31 18:54

hello nomnex, the FN Keys does work but not all. You can´t set up the brightness. Only the Sound, the FN-Num-Pad, …

But i can´t use the microphone and the webcam

Atanas Kamburov, 2010/11/20 13:21

Aaaand, here is a solution to the microphone problem. Just set the snd-hda-intel model to dell-vostro (yes, I know dell is not lenovo, but trust me, it works).

You can do it by adding the kernel parameter


to your grub.conf, or, if you have built the intel-hda driver as a module, change the according line in /etc/modprobe/alsa-base.conf to

options snd-hda-intel model=dell-vostro

Have fun!

now the only problem left with the almost perfect U350 laptop ist the f** fan!

Koapa, 2010/11/21 12:02

Hi guys.

This forum is great.
I have one very very good news - there is a solution for a fan problem !

Lenovo has relesed a bios update for U350. Bios itselft conatains no change, but the is a men, who has “hacked” the original bios and changed the temperature, when the fan turns on. He made 2 another changes - whitelisted wireless and swapped FN and CTRL buttons.

He had made more different bios :
- reduced the fan speed only
- reduced fan + whitelisted wireless
- reduced fan + whitelisted wireless + swapped CTRL and FN buttons
- whitelisted wireless
- whitelisted wireless + swapped CTRL and FN

Unfortunatelly, here is no way, how to upload a file.
If you want it, just write me a email with version you want (+ 32 or 64 bit).

Gruen Tee, 2011/01/01 11:23

Hey Koapa,

thanks for the obviously good news…
Could you give me your email adress so that I can contact you concerning the BIOS upgrade?

Thanks in advance

Koapa, 2011/01/01 12:28

Hi. Sorry, I had thought, that my mail adress is next to my name :-)
My e-mail is :

I use the new BIOS more than one month and it works really great. Fan is disabled until 55 degree :-)

p4u, 2011/04/11 15:09

Could you put some link about the experiments of this “guy”?
To upload the files maybe you can use fileserve, megaupload, rapidshare, dropbox….

Koapa, 2011/04/11 16:55

Modified Bios 32-bit :

Modified Bios 64-bit :

Modifications : fan speed and wireless whitelist

Atanas Kamburov, 2010/11/20 11:28

Hey guys,


you can run as root

setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=88

The 88 is just an example, you can set any value from 00 to FF. You can bind this command to an acpi event, e.g. to Fn+Up/Down, and voila!

The author of this wiki should please edit it to include this solution.

I have two problems left with my U350:

1) Fan noise
2) I cannot get the internal microphone to work.

Have fun guys!

Constantin, 2011/01/08 17:22

I tried your solution and it works for me, too. But how to bind this to acpi events? To increase/decrease the backlight value you actually have to read out the current value and increment/decrement it each time the button gets pressed to compute the actual value. Or am I wrong? How to achieve that?

Concerning the microphone bug there is a launchpad bug:
“Linux kernel 2.6.35 does not have the issue.”
Launchpad Bug #477226: Sound simultaneously on headphones and speakers - Lenovo IdeaPad u350


Koapa, 2011/01/15 06:34


I don't get the backlight buttons to work. I tried many “solutions”, but any of them helped.
I do it now just from console.

nelchael, 2010/04/13 23:46

Instead of abusing modprobe to unload tg3, load broadcom and tg3 after it you can use a config file for modprobe to automatically load/unload modules:

Tomecki, 2010/03/30 15:28


I'm rather a noob in using ubuntu, but i like the os preety much. I've using it on my 2nd laptop (lenovo as well. the r61i model), and everything was just OK. Now, on my U350 i'm experiencing some issues. I've managed to solve the 'brightness problem', but - still - the wireless network isn't working…

What is bad, is that the drivers which are in system → administration → drivers can't be installed :( I click on the Wireless broadcom driver and nothing happens. I downloaded those drivers manually from this site ( ), but i don't know how to run it.

Help me, please !


harrydog2k, 2010/04/04 16:10

Wireless issues can be solved by installing broadcom drivers from the hardware drivers section of the administration menu. They don't work on first install so I had to plug the network in to my router using the lan port and a cable then install the STA driver for Broadcom. Works flawlessly now roams etc..
There are enough good tips in the discussion section of this page to get everything except the headphones sorted. I haven't managed that yet. I especially like the BIOS screen brightness tip.

My u350 now rocks on Karmic Koala.. can't wait for Lucid Lynx. Battery life is 4 hours with wireless on.


Jasmine, 2010/02/07 11:20

My headphones are plugged in, but the sound is still played through the speakers of the notebook itself. Help please!

nomnex, 2010/02/08 05:39

Jasmine, there's work in progress

velimir, 2011/02/13 18:22

try adding “options snd-hda-intel model=olpc-xo-1_5” to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

Numerobis, 2010/01/26 08:57

Greatfull this Guide! Thanks a lot

ianfas, 2010/01/18 17:31

there is a solution for the brightness key problem: (worked with my u350)

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/18 23:00

Really thanks for solution with backlight.
It's enought to add nomodeset to grub boot parameters. Only now I have no graphical boot, only text one.
(I cant tun vga mode to 1366×768)

PS: What backlight you had set in BIOS, that will be the max for keys.

migo, 2012/03/13 22:32

Page doesn't exist now, Could you write that solution here?

Sebastian , 2010/01/17 17:11

Hi everybody,
did anyone find a solution for the problem that while headphones are plugged in the speakers are still on?
Thanks for the information how to dim the backlight!!!!
Best wishes,

Koapa, 2010/01/14 14:52

Hi boys.
Have you find something?
I have played with the linux configuration and the notebook last about 5,5 Hours :-)
Have you heard something about HSPDA (GSM) module for U350 ?
I now, it has a card slot, but no modem.


bobster, 2010/12/07 22:13


I have heard about modem for that model Lenovo U350 which is Sony Ericsson F3507G, but I have tried that modem from Dell laptop and after mounting of that 3G modem inside of laptop I turned it on, some message appeared saying something about not supported WAN modem and I heard also that inside of U350 BIOS there is somekind of “whitelist”, and if FRU number of that modem do not match with numbers from that list writed in BIOS then you can not use it, although that is the same 3G modem as this one which could work with U350.
I wonder if there is a possibility to modify slightly BIOS and clean that “whitelist”?

Best regards,

migu, 2010/01/07 14:02

Do HDD protection system is working on Linux? On windows you can adjust settings like “sensitiveness” of shake detection, adaptive ignore of frequency shakes etc… Is any way to adjust that settings also on Linux?

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/06 01:02

Hi guys. I have 2 good news :

1. If your wireless stuck like me, load the bios defaults. It correct some settings and wireless is working again (wireless in bios was enabled)
2. I found a way, how to control backlight from Linux on some Forum. This setting is keeps until you restart. Better then nothing. You need to be root !

Here we go :

lspci | grep VGA (write the device adress, mine is 00:02.0)
setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=66 (a value between 00 and FF, where FF is 100%)

LOL ;-) :-D LOL ;-) :-D

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/05 23:27

Hi. I really need a help !
My wireless dissabled (no light and no Bluetooth/WiFI), even if the switch is on !
System show my, that there are a WiFi device (Bluetooth not) but I cant connect with it.
Nothing !!!!
On PCI I see “Interupts disabled”…. :-(

Sebastiian, 2009/12/30 07:50

Hi guys,
I just bought the U350 and I am waiting now for the delivery by amazon. What about the build in microphone. It is written in the wiki that it does not work. Is that true?

Marian Zsemlye, 2009/12/30 11:27

Hi Sebastian.
It is not true, I had a call with Skype and the mic is excellent !
It works perfectly.

Notebook has only 2 disadvantages in Linux :
Backlight cant be dimmed - cost 2,2 W
fan is always on (start at 45 Degree and switch off on 39. System normally has 43 Degree :-( ). - cost 1,5 W

With Linux optimalization I have a consumption about 9,6 W (standard work with wifi and Bluetooth enabled, full backlight and enabled effects), about 12,5 W if you do something bigger.)

If the is a way, how to control back-light and fan, I can make a lasting from 4 Hours to 6 Hour !

Marian Zsemlye, 2009/12/30 11:31

Sorry, I had a mistake in firs comment :
- power consumption is 12 W normally, 9,6 W with backlight totally off. Heavy work consume about 15-16 W.

Sebastian, 2010/01/02 07:07

Hi Marian,
thanks for your response. I just got the notebook and I like it a lot. The noise of the fan is the only thing I don't like.
Best wishes,

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/02 08:01


If I can help you with something, I will be very pleased.
I wish you all good in New Year.

nomnex, 2010/01/03 01:25

Maybe you can. Could you answer my question in post “Wednesday 28 of October, 2009 [07:40:25]”
Can you set the brightness through the power management or the panel applet or by any other means: key mapping or BIOS?

Sebastian, you are likely to have a sticker on your CPU. It increases the heat and fan noise. Follow my link on the same post. You will have to disassemble your notebook and remove it. Cheers.

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/03 09:01


The is no way, how to set up the brightness of the display. Linux always answer “no device” for display backlight. I think, it is a problem with ACPI (BIOS), becuase bios was optimized for W7 and is a new one (doesn't identificate itself as thinkpad_acpi).
I can't get work any of the laptop acpi in kernel. Because of that, we are not able to change the backlight.FIXME
We must wait for new bios or kernel ???

If you find some way, how to set backlight or fan (withou disassable my lenovo), I will be very happy. 8-)

nomnex, 2010/01/03 12:47

Marian, I don't purchase the laptop yet because of the brightness issue. Can you try something and get back to me. As workaround for the brightness, can you boot and enter the BIOS menu (probably Alt+F2) before to log-in. From there you should be able to set the brightness using the FN keys. The setting should be permanent from one boot to another. It's not perfect but still better than nothing. Let me know.

Regarding the fan, if you have read the thread, there is problem in the assembly line. They put a sticker on the cpu, a dumb as it is. You need to open the notebook to fix it, it's a matter of a few screws.

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/03 14:32


Thanks for your idea. It worked! It's enought going to bios or bootmenu and with FN+UP/DOWN you can change the backlight. And this setting is permanent. Great! Only my Linux should also do this :-( :-(

About the fan/heat - I now, that it's only about 12 screws, but my 2 years guaranty …. I'm pretty sure, that Lenovo will see changes on PCU heatpipe.
But, I will open my notebook and see, what's the matter.

Once more thanks :-)

nomnex, 2010/01/03 14:37

You are welcome

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/04 18:05


First suggestion : How about enable ambient light sensor? With it, the laptop can control back-light dynamically.

And my experience - heat / fan :
I have disassembled my U350. It wasn't so easy as I tough, but I succeed. Heat-pipe was ended with thermal compound (really small amount) and it´s shape didn´t fit into the fan.
I added new thermal compound (after removing the old one) and corrected the pipe shape, to fit into the fan.
I have now about 3 Degree less. It´s not much, but it helped in 2 ways :
1. I have normally only 42-43 Degree and my fan doesn´t start :-)
2. After 45 Degree the fan starts cooling and it STOP ! (It took the heat under 40 !) :-) :-) :-)

Nice day to everyone :-D

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/04 21:21

Bad news boys. The 3 degree lower temp was caused by disabled WiFi.
If you have one of the new models (my November 2009), there is no advantage, if you disassamble your laptop. You only loose warranty as I. :-(

nomnex, 2010/01/05 02:05

you 've probably broken something in the process. Lower temp and Wifi are not related.

corrected the pipe shape, to fit into the fan

Do you take a photo (before/after)? Can you upload it on a file server and past the link on the thread?

So, there was not sticker on your cpu? That's good news. What's your location.

Marian Zsemlye, 2010/01/05 15:02

Maybe you are right, no WiFi connection couse less interruptions.
I have no foto (I had forgotten make some). The was sticker nowhere. I was suprissed. Pipe just doesn´t fit into the fan (there was a free space between them).
I´m from Slovakia (Middle Europe). I don´t know, where was this notebook bought (I have it from IT Stock - Ed´Systems).

nomnex, 2010/01/06 01:36

The last resort regarding the FN key is to open a bug report on Be ready to provide some debugging information.

That's the only change to see some evolution (maybe) with this model.

Atanas Kamburov, 2010/11/20 11:30

Regarding the backlight brightness: please have a look at the post from “Saturday 20 of November, 2010 [11:28:11]”…

Koapa, 2009/12/26 16:20

Everything is working.
Only its impossible to change the backlight or edit the fan speed. thinkpad-acpi.ko is not loaded. (Fedora, Kubuntu, Sabayon) :-(((

Koapa, 2009/12/25 08:57

I bought this computer in the highest version (SU7300).
Network is not working aout of the box. You will need a broadcom drivers (compilation in 20s, easy).
Backlight switch is not working, also Bluetooth. Synaptic doesnt enable multitouch use of touchpad.
I will post, if I find something.

nomnex, 2009/10/28 11:40

@ Ramon

Thanks for the feedback. Can you set the brightness through the power management preference (System) or using the BIOS setting and FN keys (the workaround works with the let's note panasonic) before to launch Ubuntu?

Regarding the FN keys, post if you find a fix.

For the fan, you might take a look there

Ramon Egloff, 2009/10/27 20:30

Forgot to mention that Suspend worked without any problem, but after Hibernate Kubuntu 9.10 did a normal boot instead of resume

Ramon Egloff, 2009/10/27 20:23

On my U350 with Kubuntu 9.10 FN Keys + Brightness doesn't work but Fn + Volume does work out of the box. The fan is a bit loud. Wireless works with STA driver installed by “Hardware Drivers” of Kubuntu.

nomnex, 2009/10/23 02:04

What about the ACPI (9.04/9.10): Do FN Keys + Brightness / + Volume work or not?

Maciej Makasewicz, 2009/10/20 16:36

Tg3 driver included in ubuntu is useless, even with broadcom module first.
The solution is to download broadcom 57088 driver from broadcom, build from source and load. Works flawless.

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