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jason, 2010/09/30 04:55

mic doesnt work =(

Aleksander, 2010/05/25 15:33


sighs, 2010/05/16 13:11

Welp, I ran a few live cd's, trying to figure out which one I wanted to run. I have jolicloud on another netbook, which everything runs great on, but this tablet, well… I have some issues. I have yet to fully install any linux on it, because I would love to find an “Out of the box” that has everything working. I am sad to say, I have yet to find one.

So, I am downloading OpenSuSe, I know its going to be a pain to get the wireless running, but I know it will work. My biggest issue is the touch screen and getting it work like it should… I am going to try and see what happens. Once I do figure it out, I will post my review on it. I am going to install a light desktop (no kde, no gnome) but something that is faster, dont know yet, but again I will let you know once I figure that one out :)

Aleksander, 2010/05/18 12:26

Out of the box while in any case will not work.
For tablet need to edit the xorg configuration file and install the driver.
More here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1415915

canciman, 2010/09/03 13:46

Ubuntu Maverick is getting there to work out of the box (to be released in October). The only thing currently only working via a script is the image rotation. So there's no automatic image rotation when you flip the screen, but you can set a shortcut on the panel and just tap it with your finger whenever you need it. Allegedly, touchscreen works right in the installation when booting a live image. I got this from here:


So wait until Ubuntu Maverick. Otherwise, if you don't shy away form fiddeling, anything that has kernel 2.6.34 or newer should have touchscreen support.

Aleksander, 2010/03/31 05:46

They all more or less works well.
How to buy in May, will write a report.

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