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Kevin, 2013/11/22 21:36

I am happy to report that using Ubuntu 12.04.3 64-bit with the latest linux kernel, kernel 3.12.031200-generic, manually installed, that she goes to sleep and wakes up flawlessly! :)

naini.jindal, 2012/01/25 19:54

hello sir my web cam is not working from d day one i hav purchased it

Diversant, 2012/01/20 20:17

Hi! Half a year using Linux on diz netbook, pretty fine. But has anyone kernel config file just for this laptop?
Wanna compile new kernel, but don't have that much time to configure the kernel myself.

bell, 2011/12/10 05:30

my scren like crack i can't on it n can't off it,what should i do?

tronface, 2011/11/25 17:46

Any comments from people successfully getting standby/hibernate to work on lid close?

John K, 2011/12/06 03:08

My current workaround is to set closing the lid to do nothing. At least this works consistently. I then hibernate which works correctly as I have had no luck with suspend at all no matter which kernel parameters I try.
It is worth noting that I had a lot of issues moving from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 due to the change in the power management stack (as well as being substantially slower). I never did get things working properly in 11.10 and gave up and reverted to 11.04. I'm just about to try Mint 12 although I am not expecting much difference in this regard.

Alan U. Kennington, 2011/11/24 19:22

I'm just stunned by how perfectly this machine works with OpenSuSE 12.1.
Here is my installation log:

The hardware on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is a bit different. It's got the Atheros AR9285 Wireless chips, which use the ath9k* drivers out of the box. The hard disk is only 250 GB. The CPU is N455 at 1.66GHz.

I was just about to say that absolutely everything works brilliantly, and then I tried closing the lid and opening it. It does not wake up from the sleep state! This is a real show-stopper. The machine is useless if it can't come out of sleep. If I can figure out the sleep wake-up, this will be a stunning little machine.

Erwin Villejo, 2011/12/04 10:38

add “nohpet” to your kernel boot options.
for example, my ”/boot/grub/menu.lst” file contains this line:
kernel /vmlinuz-linux root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/bfbde17d-73d0-427a-bd44-ca481441723d resume=/dev/sda2 ro <b>nohpet</b>

suspend/wake-up will work fine on your next reboot. if it doesn't, use “intel_idle.max_cstate=0” instead of “nohpet”

Aran, 2011/12/04 14:38

Genius! thanks a lot, that problem has been ongoing for me for six months, and it's fixed now! thanks a lot :-)

Note that from Ubuntu 9.10 onwards it's using grub v2 which has its boot configuration in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, but you can see similar options to edit if you scroll down a few pages in the file.

tronface, 2011/12/06 22:51

menu.lst is not used in Ubuntu 11.10

Aran, 2011/12/06 23:56

That's what I said in the reply above, use grub.cfg, scroll down a few pages and there's similar lines to add the same nohpet option to.

tronface, 2011/12/07 00:45

Sorry I missed it. I used a different solution, here -

Aran, 2011/12/07 01:31

Aw right, yeah that'll do the trick, that publishes to the grub.cfg file and is a safer way to do it too.

Aran, 2011/12/19 19:02

The nohpet option worked for me for a while, but then the problem came back again. I had found in another post that intel_idle.max_cstate=0 also worked. For me the second option worked intermittently, but both options together are working consistently. I have a page with more detail here.

Joe, 2011/08/08 16:51

It works fine. I have installed the Kernel 2.6.36 and after that step the brightness buttons works fine. But the hard disk sensor for shocks isn't supported. At my Lenovo R61 this sensor works. Any suggestions for this problem?

D.J., 2011/06/27 19:09

Bluetooth does not work with my Ubuntu 11.04 installation. Any suggestions?

John K, 2011/12/06 03:03

I had the same bluetooth problem. Unfortunately the only solution I found was to restore Windows 7 and use the Lenovo utility to enable the bluetooth module. I have kept Win 7 on a small partition in case I need this again in the future. Also check that your S10-3 does come with a bluetooth module as not all of them do.

Daniel, 2011/06/24 10:15

I somethere read that keyboard doesn't work if install linux on ideapad S10-3C. I got the problem with Debian 6.0 businesscard. So I need to sit on windows again.

fyc, 2011/07/22 06:55

An elegant solution was provided lately, you can find it in this link:

It is first mentioned in post 101 and detailed in post 106. The beauty of this solution is that you can keep the acpi functioning (essential for notebook) while the keyboard really work. I am typing this using my S10-3c.

With win7, this netbook is so slow. But now with linux, its pretty good.

Oshamajik, 2011/06/23 21:59

What do you mean by 'Only thing not optimal are special keys (“Quickstart”

SO quickstart does not work at all? Is there a fix for this?

Aran, 2011/06/05 21:58

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a Lenovo S10-3 and everything works perfectly out of the box (webcam, mic, wifi, bluetooth), but one problem that I've spent many hours on and not been able to fix is that it won't resume from standby. I have to use hibernate instead which is much slower.

Aran, 2011/06/05 22:22

p.s. the wifi hardware switch turns off and on no problem

Aran, 2011/06/06 02:08

p.p.s ah oh yes it is a problem :-( it turned on and off no problem, but after rebooting doesn't work any more, so I'll have to remove the CMOS backup battery to restore back to factory settings.

zob, 2011/06/09 18:36

You had it coming. I told you LOL

Aran, 2011/06/09 21:22

yea thats a horrible problem :-( got it fixed though and best to get that switch disabled now rather than have it happen unexpectedly later. Do you have any info about getting suspend/resume working?

zob, 2011/04/27 19:23

Don't ever touch your wifi-hardware-switch (you can use the soft-block instead). If you do, you will probably not be able to turn it back on. Here's a solution if it happens:
If you're insterested in the details read the whole thread.

zob, 2011/04/27 19:25

Forgot to say that, other than that everything is working perfectly under ubuntu 11.04 beta2, though xubuntu is faster.

ozz, 2011/03/10 16:19

can anybody make “right click” key! work? what is the correct setting for us keyboard? i mean keyboard model?

krittis, 2010/08/27 13:23

Hello, I am having a very strange problem, and since no one seems able to help me and there is no information available, I thought I should ask here.
For *all* Linux distributions, my keyboard does not work. Not even the enter key, arrow keys, and the caps lock doesn't even show the light when I press it. I have also tried booting Linux in command line, and the keyboard is still disabled.
I am running on the non-touchscreen version of the Lenovo IdeaPad s10-3c. Any help at all would be highly, highly appreciated. :)

johny, 2011/12/04 03:17

Try your BIOS settings.
Maybe it was mistakenly disabled!
If problem persists try an external USB keyboard.
If none works or you don't want to use an external keyboard then re-install windows or try a different linux distro!!!
Hope I answered your question!!

ericmu, 2010/07/27 10:30

I'm using Opensuse 11.3 with KDE
Very nice and much faster than the Windows 7 installation.

Everythings runs out of the box, except brightness controll….

ericmu, 2010/10/29 10:54

Did an upgrade to kernel 2.6.36
Now special keys and brightness controll are working out of the box.

Very nice netbook and now 100% working with Linux!!!

Joao, 2010/07/23 22:54

Has anyone out there an idea how to fix the problem with the special keys?

Jamson, 2010/07/30 10:43

Heres a good thing about the brightness issue:


(This address did not paste correctly on this page when previewing):

https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/(PLUS SIGN)source/linux/(PLUS SIGN)bug/538256

Hamster Mice, 2010/07/04 20:03

The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will work fine auto detect wireless driver when you are connected to internet, just the same thing as Jamson have mentioned.

There are netbook edition and desktop edition, if your netbook does not have a touch screen. install desktop version will be better.

jamson, 2010/07/05 04:38

yes install the desktop version and after that install the netbook desktop, if you like to heres the info of installing the netbook desktop if you have installed the desktop version:

Or you can go to the ubuntu software center and install it from there(might be a bit easier).

jamson, 2010/07/05 04:44

Forgot to say this make sure your wireless switch is on and the BIOS setting for the wireless is on.

liquidsky, 2010/07/04 18:48

on openSUSE 11.3 RC2, the wireless runs out of the box

nima, 2010/06/01 05:27

hi im nima from iran
i buy lenovo s10-3
every thing work good on GNU/Linux Debian(Lenny) but i can't install wireless
when i can do it , i will call you

jamson, 2010/06/29 18:51

Install ubuntu netbook after that, connect ethernet (wired) to your router do major updates (security, and kernel), restart and install proprietary driver, then should work after restarting ubuntu and then dissconnect ethernet and go wireless.

nima, 2010/06/30 20:14

whats a ver of ubuntu sir?

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