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Hamid Reza MORIDI, 2012/01/12 05:24

evrythings are well, but broadcom wireless non work in fedora 16 ….
please help me

Vivek, 2011/10/05 15:47


I would like to share my experience of using Ubuntu on lenovo G550. It works perfect, I switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu.
All drivers work, you might have to update the system using ethernet cable then run driver software from Ubuntu to update wifi driver..
Rest all is perfect..

almutiri, 2011/05/11 18:41

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mohammed asif, 2011/05/09 15:09

while instaling vista black screen was appeared, and in tension i press the power button after that its not working its displaying window error.
what should i do now?
Bold Text

nomnex, 2011/05/09 15:23

This is normal. That's the way Mikeysof Windoze works.

philipp, 2011/03/26 17:06

Everything is working fine in Ubuntu 10.10 except the touchpad. Did anyone get it working?

SA, 2011/02/18 06:09

For a system problem analysis ran Linux Flashdrive on it.
See the results:
PartedMagic live-Flashdrive runs w/o problem (kernel
Display resolution: 1366×768, 60Hz refresh-rate.
Celeron Dual-core CPU T3100@1.90Ghz
DVD/CD: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7580S

This thing starts up very slow because of HDD problem.
The SmartControl shows that Basic health check is PASSED however TestDisk 6.11 comes up with a “Bad relative sector”-message.
Booting without the USB ParteMagic flasdrive goes similar slow.
The Windows 7(NTFS) partioned HDD makes it hang then forever in the Win7 pre-Logon screen.
Advised the owner to let the vendor replace the HDD.
Looks like a good machine to me just put 7200RPM drives in it with enough cache and kick Windows 7 from it ;)

zloty, 2010/11/23 20:46

Im buy g550 with intel graphic and celeron cpu, whole hadware workink ok except touchpad. It recogizet as ps mouse and im dont have in gnome mouse properties tochpad option. Im use google and dont find anything. Some sugestions? Touchpad is working but without scrolling.

dinesh, 2011/12/31 06:15

install touch pad driver,then it'll work.

in the above site u'll get all type of lenovo drivers
Bold Text

Jamie, 2012/09/18 22:56

doesn't appear to work for me either.

Jamie, 2012/09/18 23:06

In the “above” site, you'll get all sorts of WINDOWS drivers.

nastro, 2010/11/22 22:05

Linux mint (9 XFCE edition) has worked well so far on my G550 with NVIDIA drivers

My issues have been:
I had to retreat from 64 bit to 32 bit, but this was solely because i couldn't get 64 bit drivers for my canon pixma printer.

Originally, Compiz Fusion wouldn't remain enabled over re-boots, but it does now; I'm not sure if I managed to fix this or mint updates did…

Volume: Lenovo custom volume buttons don't work (wouldn't really care, as I didn't use them in windows, but…) volume control within new Spotify Linux client doesn't work (this looks like it may be a Spotify bug); …the volume control in Mint needs too many clicks, you have to open it as an application rather than it just sitting in the system tray area

overall, though, glad to have made the break from windows

Mark Schwartz, 2010/09/22 06:13

After 5 months of use,the laptop won't support peripheral mouse, keyboard and flat screen monitor! It keeps shutting down. Unfortunately I hate the laptop's keyboard and prefer the standard one, and of course my regular mouse and monitor. Any advice on this will be appreciate.d

rlelliott, 2010/09/18 11:21

SECmic3.1 includes all the drivers needed for this model of notebook. Including wireless drivers for monitor mode, video drivers for transparencies, sound, webcam, and touchpad.


SECmic3.1 is a Kubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx based security distribution. It is free to download, and always will be. It comprises over 200 preinstalled security oriented applications and maintains Ubuntu/Kubuntu update compatibility; meaning you will be able to receive security updates directly from the Ubuntu/Kubuntu repositories for the lifetime of this Kubuntu 10.04 LTS based release. b43 / wl hybrid compatibility is included with this Remastersys backup.

Martin McDowell, 2010/07/04 18:43

Just finished installing 10.04 on G550A with the following profile:

CPU: Intel T6600 2.20G
RAM: 3072M
HDD: 320GB
LAN: 10m/100M
Display: 15.6” HD LED
Graphics: NVIDIA
Battery: 6 cell

No issues WHATSOEVER! Actually the only problem I had is when after the first update run I got a message suggesting I install the proprietary Nvidia driver. That actually screwed up the display (distorted the Ubuntu start-up and close-down screen - in both cases over zoomed them and made it look ugly. I reinstalled it and ignored the message and it worked just fine. Also I did not have issues with the webcam like some reported. Worked straight away in Skype. Also the volume control and the screen brigtness Fn buttons worked OK.
I would definitely recommend.

mustafa, 2010/08/15 12:41

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drozdak, 2010/06/20 23:13

Have any of you tried to use 8.04 (Hardy Heron) on lenovo g550 (intel graphics version) with any success?

I'm interested especially in wifi and webcam - any chance of theese working correctly?

I'm asking because new (x,k)ubuntu's aren't really my cup of tea - the desktop enviroments are ment to be more easy-to-use-and-configure but it feels like it's all going in bad direction.

In my opinion Hardy is still the best ubuntu yet (server edition with xfce desktop).

mr-pink, 2010/06/21 06:38

I have no idea. Anyway I wouldn't install Hardy now as they'll drop support in less then a year, furthermore you'll have to use old software (due to the well-known Ubuntu policy). If are looking for a light distro maybe you could try Lubuntu ( which should be officially supported by Canonical soon.

drozdak, 2010/06/21 07:38

Well I got my hands on 8.04 cd and it didn't detect graphics card so that's it for me (being desktop user).

It's not that I'm looking for another environment (xfce is fine) but it's harder to make it look the way I want it to look than in the good ol' hardy days :) (some old habits plus fact that I didn't use linux since ubuntu 8.04).

You're right it will be difficult to use hardy in nearest future, so I guess I just have to learn about the changes in distro (like for example the window manager - it's now more gnome-like). Still it's better than windows :)

Anyway thanks for such a fast reply!

ul, 2010/04/24 06:02

The Lenovo G550 is not working I brighten the screen FN button. Please help. I now have Ubuntu 10.04. On Ubuntu 9.10 to work properly.

chris, 2010/05/19 22:37


Display making strange errors on new Ubuntu 10.04??
(Lenovo G550 of course)

Somebody know the solution? ch.

jocat, 2010/04/19 15:45

G550 installed fine using the “nomodeset” option. now installed, running with the nomodeset, but keyboard and touchpad do not work. any ideas on this one?

aaa a, 2010/04/03 18:52

I WANT INSTTAL read hat enterprise 5 in lenovo G550 but i dont insttal ?

mr-pink, 2010/04/04 19:01

I suspect that the kernel used in RHEL 5 it's a little too old for that notebook (if I'm not wrong it's 2.6.18). I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit with a Lenovo G550 and it is working flawlessy.

mr-pink, 2010/04/04 19:03

Sorry, I was meaning Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit.

Yuriy, 2010/03/06 23:25

I've installed fedora 12 everything works fine excluding Fn keys for brightness and wireless

mr-pink, 2010/03/13 08:31

On Ubuntu 9.10 I followed these steps to install WLAN drivers:

- connected to the Internet using Ethernet
- $ sudo apt-get update
- System → Hardware Drivers and selected Broadcom STA Driver

I'm pretty sure you can install it also with Fedora, but I've never used Fedora so I can't say exactly how.


mr-pink, 2010/03/13 08:34

Sorry, replied in the wrong place. :)

mr-pink, 2010/03/13 08:38

Sorry, replied in the wrong place. :)

mr-pink, 2010/03/05 00:46

I've just bought a Lenovo g550 (Intel graphics version). Everything worked OOB for me with Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit (obviously I had to install the proprietary driver for WLAN but it took a pair of minutes). I'm very satisfied with it.

Actually I do not know how a lot of people here have to boot with nomodset option. I don't need it. :?:

Karan Marjara, 2010/03/11 09:17


It is good to hear that you installed WLAN driver can you please help in doing the same as I am also facing wireless problem in lenovo g550 with fedora12.


mr-pink, 2010/03/13 08:39

On Ubuntu 9.10 I followed these steps to install WLAN drivers:

- connected to the Internet using Ethernet
- $ sudo apt-get update
- System → Hardware Drivers and selected Broadcom STA Driver

I'm pretty sure you can install it also with Fedora, but I've never used Fedora so I can't say exactly how.


Ivan, 2010/02/12 15:29

Guys… try on the grub edit (press e during boot loader menu)
the command line before the last one says already “quiet splash” at the end of it. Just add a space and then “nomodeset”. I have a Lenovo G550 and that works fine for me. Although I do not know how to save that command line.
It would look something like this (not verbatim, but I think you'll know what I'm saying):

#Assuming this is the last command line, it's end would be “quiet splash nomodeset”
#Assuming this would be the last command line

That works fine for me.

James, 2010/02/15 19:19

Ivan, for setting definitively you should edit the grub.conf file and add nomodeset in the appropiate line.

soichiru, 2010/01/08 00:28

I had installed ubuntu 9.04 but I cannot enter to internet, I have tried almost everything that I found on the web but I'm so sad that I cannot use ubuntu so I work on vista….
I need some help


ZeevB, 2010/01/10 12:54

You should probably try Ubuntu 9.10 instead.

mr-pink, 2010/03/05 00:36

I strongly suggest you trying Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit. Anyway, if you still want to use 9.04, you could try connecting to the web with ethernet, then update repositories with
sudo apt-get update
go to System → Hardware Drivers (or something like this) and install Broadcom STA Driver.
This worked for 9.10 but maybe works also for 9.04.

leo, 2010/01/07 15:27

I have lenovo G550 …and i have fedora 11… How can i access my lab-top web-cam in fedora11…

james, 2010/01/12 19:50

Install cheese package. It works OK in Ubuntu. (It is for Gnome desktop).

north_of_the_49th, 2009/12/26 20:14

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on this laptop with no issues whatsoever. Very happy with this laptop so far. After having fought with my old Compaq and several Linux distros over the years it is finally refreshing to have something just work.

Ivan, 2009/12/25 06:37

You do not have to search for linux drivers, because they are already in Linux distributions (or can be downloaded by Internet as well as in Ubuntu Linux).

Jeremy Wilkins, 2009/12/24 01:00

No luck with the microphone or webcam (using Ubuntu Karmic).
Any recommendations?

(Sound Preferences → Input lists no devices)

ZeevB, 2010/01/10 13:13

I'm also using Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) and both microphone and webcam work fine (no special tweaking needed).

Jeremy Wilkins, 2010/01/12 21:02

What's your model name? Mine's the 2958.

ZeevB, 2010/01/13 18:20

Exactly the same : 2958
Both built-in and external mic works. Try testing the mic using the “Sound Recorder” application and the webcam using cheese.
Do they work when using the live-cd?

indika, 2009/12/17 10:23

i have installed ubuntu 9.1 on my G550 laptop. After giving “nomodeset” parameter on grub i can boot the os with graphics. But it is not possible to proceed after login screen because the keyboard and touch-pad is not working.

I can go to shell from the grub by selecting recovery mood with “nomodeset” boot parameter. On the shell i can use my keyboard. But after issuing startx i can't use the keyboard and touch-pad.

Pls help me

Emidio, 2009/12/17 10:25

This sounds quite strange, ubuntu 9.10 works almost 100% on our laptops….
I would try another installation….

MirzaD, 2009/12/17 12:13

Installation of Ubuntu 9.10 should not act as you explain.
Try clean installation if you haven't already.
Try downloading new image maybe that one is broken.

Kind of problems you explain are strange for 9.10 and are probably caused by bad installation.

indika, 2009/12/18 04:39

Thanks for your comments. Today i have run live version from same cd and it allow me to login. With live run no issue at all. As you said now i m installing ubuntu from live cd now while typing this reply. Will tell you what will happened after installing. Also, live version work only with “nomodeset” parameter.

Hope to update grub after installation finish.

indika, 2009/12/18 10:04

Installing from live cd works for me. Now i am struggle to find menu.lst to edit grub. How can i find it?. How can i edit the grub.


ZeevB, 2010/01/14 20:00

In it says:
“As a workaround, users can add the option nomodeset to the kernel boot options in the grub config (for GRUB 2: edit /etc/default/grub and add nomodeset to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX, then run sudo update-grub; for GRUB 1: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and add nomodeset to the line beginning with # kopt=, then run sudo update-grub)”

T, 2009/12/07 15:01

I have just acquir a the G550, but can't figure out how to get the web cam up and running. Anybody????

James, 2009/12/09 20:36

Which linux distro has instaled?

Emidio, 2009/12/10 11:01

in ubuntu 9.10 is working without troubles. did you try with cheese?

Karan, 2009/12/02 12:49

hey can anyone please help me for getting wireless drivers for redhat 4.0 on my lenovo g550. i asked it earlier and no one actually replied …….

James, 2009/12/02 14:43

I suspect that the Braodcom is supported by kernel 2.6.3X which is not in use in RedHat 4. But you can try running a Windows driver through ndiswrapper

cd /tmp
unzip R151517.EXE
ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf
ndiswrapper -ma

# quitamos estos modulos que pueden dar conflicto
echo blacklist ssb » /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper
echo blacklist b43 » /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper

# cargamos el modulo de ndiswrapper
modprobe ndiswrapper

Good luck!

James, 2009/11/30 14:24

Lenovo g550 dualcore t4200:

Para instalar wireless Broadcom: (wireless driver Broadcom)
:~$ sudo aptitude install bcmwl-kernel-source
Funciona OK/Works OK.
Deben estar conectados a Internet con la placa de red cableada(You should be connected to interlen by wired interface).

Para ver bien video con la resolución correcta 1366*768 (For video with the right resolution)
Editar el archivo /Edit file


Verán una sección “Device”, debajo una línea que dice “Driver” “vesa”. Cambiar vesa por intel. Rebootear y listo. (You will see a section “Device”, and under it a line that says “Driver” “vesa”. Change “vesa” to “intel”. Then reboot (or log out/in))

Para instalar el VMware server 2.02 en ubuntu 9.10 32b / For VMware server 2.02 installing in ubuntu 9.10 32b

Funciona OK.

Emidio, 2009/11/28 23:28

I installed Linux Mint 8 (based on ubuntu karmic).
everything works except brightness fn keys (the volume keys are working) and wireless led. The wireless works with the broadcom sta drivers.
If anyone would have an idea about brightness and wireless led….
Thanks ;-)

Emidio, 2009/11/30 22:46

in the meantime I partly solved the brightness issue, it is so obvious I did no think at…anyone interested can put the brightness gnome applet in a panel…:-D

Emidio, 2009/12/10 11:03

I was wrong, the wireless led actually works WHEN you are connected. I preferred wicd over network manager due to a bug in refresh of NM.
It remains the brightness issue but it's not a big deal….

Karan, 2009/11/18 12:40

i hve installed Red Hat 4.0 on lenovo g550 i am not able to use wlan and buetooth can you please help me???

enes76, 2009/11/14 09:04

I have installed ubuntu 9.04 on my lenovo G550 but i can't install the wlancard inside. Can anybody help me? This is the first time i use Linux as a OS

Strangepants, 2009/11/16 00:39

You need to connect to your internet infrastructure using the usual ethernet cable first. Once you're connected, go to
System > Administration > Hardware drivers
and pick the Broadcom STA wireless driver and activate it.

One restart later and your wireless should work.

Megha, 2009/11/16 03:00

Wireless has not worked ever for me on the Lenovo G550. Something to do with the Broadcom Wireless driver 4315 - low power device. I think we don't have compatibility yet.

megha, 2009/11/30 18:12

This worked like a charm for me LOL:-D:-D:-D

Emidio, 2009/11/30 22:24

but this is shipped together with karmic (or mint8) -well, not really shipped but immediately available as restricted driver-
actually my wifi is working, I would only like to enable the switch, that seems to do nothing according to dmesg, and the led.

BelzeBob, 2009/11/12 23:16


I'm a Linux newbie, but I just bought a Lenovo G550 and am now running dual-boot XP/Linux. I didn't have to install any drivers (for Ubuntu 9.10) and everything works nicely. well, I haven't tested the wireless yet. (I prefer to be cabled.) But I'll get around to it. Graphics are excellent. I'll see if there's some old game like Quake II that I could try in Linux…

It took me some time though; to get rid of vista and get the XP/Ubuntu setup. (There was some issue with an ACHI/IDE setting in the BIOS… + maybe I'd done something wrong the first time I tried to install.)

Btw - Ubuntu 9.10 is so much slicker (and easier) than Fedora 11. I had video and mp3 support in no-time. Wonderful. Now I have to learn to write those sudo commands.


daniel, 2009/11/01 16:18

Brightness keys work after updating to kernel Linux 2.6.29 in opensuse 11.1

megha, 2009/10/30 05:25

I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 on my lenovo G550 last night and while my wireless device (BCM4312 14e2:4315 - low power version) is still not detected i have other problems -

In the boot options Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-14-generic or a Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.28-16-generic. The default is the former 31-14 and that goes into a blank screen. If i force booting from 28-16, I can atleast enter ubuntu.

My touchpad is not detected and the mouse settings do not have the “Enable touchpad” option that 9.04 had… no clue what's happening there.

In general the display is very sluggish and it's slowing me down quite a bit.

Wondering how i can downgrade without having to reinstall. Or should i wait it out for all the bug fixes that will follow?

nomnex, 2009/11/11 07:21

megha, a clean install is the recommendation for 9.10. Can you give it a try and come with some feedback?

Anybody else: Feedback on Lenovo G550 & Karmic (clean install) - FN keys, drivers, display etc…


noname, 2009/10/29 20:04

I have G550L with GMA 4500M and Ubuntu 9.10 does not display graphics. Do not know how to fix it :(

Butaga, 2009/11/08 09:52

I have this very same problem. Anybody can help me? :{

Strangepants, 2009/11/13 04:50

1) At the grub menu list press 'e' (edit) in the line of the kernel
2) Move the cursor at the option 'splash' and write after that nomodeset
3) CTRL-X to boot

Looks like an issue with the drivers for the Intel GMA onboard video chip.

If the workaround works for you, you can edit your Grub boot menu to make this permanent
gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Add 'nomodeset' to the 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT' setting.
It will look something like this:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash nomodeset”

Then tell Grub to update its config:
sudo update-grub

BTW, clean installs from an Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 CD also give the black screen. Adding 'nomodeset' to the end of the config line for installing Ubuntu will let you get through the install.

Apart from that my Lenovo G550 installed fine. Had to get proprietary drivers to get wireless working: System > Administration > Hardware drivers and pick the Broadcom STA wireless driver.

All function keys (volume, brightness, screen controls) worked out of the box.

nomnex, 2009/10/23 03:12

How did anyone get the FN keys + Brightness / + Volume working on a G550 on Karmic 9.10 or Jaunty 9.04?

MirzaD, 2009/12/07 02:15

I found workaround for brightness keys on Kubuntu Karmic 9.10
1. first option is to use battery plasmoid and change brightness with it
2. second option is to change shortcut System settings → Keyboard and Mouse → Global Keyboard Shortcuts → KDE Daemon. Here i remapped brightness keys to meta + up and meta + down

Hope this helps someone:)

Simon, 2013/03/22 22:29

On Kubuntu 12.10 all brightness and volume function keys work out of the box including OSD.

Andrew, 2009/10/20 09:27

Installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my Lenovo G550 within minutes of getting it out of the box.

It's the Celeron 900 (2.2GHz) model with Intel graphics, 160GB HDD, 2GB RAM, wireless NIC and onboard webcam (pretty sure this is the lowest spec'd and cheapest of the line, but suits my needs perfectly).

*Everything* worked out of the box after finishing the installation and rebooting. The install took around 14 minutes from a USB stick I'd made previously.

The touchpad response was a little slow for my liking, but this was easily tweaked after some Google searching. Search for “ubuntu synaptics touchpad” and follow the first link there

ulysse68, 2009/10/13 11:58

tried to install ubuntu karmic koala (beta); keyboard not recognised so far :-(

anirudh, 2009/10/07 13:57

i use ubuntu jaunty jacklop… boots up real fast… not detecting webcam(i ws searching for a driver)… graphics not up to the mark!…

Tarun, 2009/09/30 15:16

Someone please let me know from where i can get the linux drivers for my Lenovo G550 notebook

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