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Matthew Dickey, 2011/02/15 17:09

Ok i have 3 problems with my v200 running with ubuntu right now 1) my wireless will not show or be recognized, bluetooth yes, but not the wireless. light wont come on. 2) webcam, the light is on but yet on skype its not popping up. 3) i have a built-in finger print scanner that is not recognized on system/administration/additional drivers. lastly my Function keys are all switched around. just put in the new keyboard and just switched literally all of the fn keys. ex: fn+F1= volume down fn+left arrow= nothing

RonK, 2011/08/29 10:17

There seems to be something in the recent rfkill-enabled Ubuntu versions which cause the firmware of the wireless to get stuck thinking it's software-blocked, even if you revert to using a pre-rfkill version like Hardy. This happened to me after booting off a live CD version of Natty.

To get wireless running with recent Ubuntu versions (lucid, natty), I had to:

  1. run “rfkill unblock all” : you should see that the phy0 device should not be software blocked.
  2. blacklist the acer_wmi module and then reboot. If you are booting from a live CD, press F6 to get special option list, then ESCAPE to be able to edit the boot command line, then add the boot option “acer_wmi.blacklist=yes” before the ”–” at the end.

After the firmware was bollixed, I needed to reboot from an rfkill-enabled live CD to be able to run “rfkill unblock all”; after that rebooting into Hardy left me with working wireless.

kdavh, 2011/10/13 03:16

Thank you. This worked for me on my lenovo 3000 v200

Douglas Krakauerr, 2010/03/29 06:30

I'm have trouble dealing with my laptop equipment. I'm a newbie to laptops. I've worked
on DESKTOPS since 1971. My lenovo has a weird input device on inside surface (same as
the keyboard). I discovered that it was capable of doing fingerprint recognition in a
crude sort of way. However, the salesman only told me it was for scrolling. I thought
he was bluffing.

Anyway, I'm still having trouble controlling the cursor with the PAD. I've already broken one mouse, misplaced another, bought one at a 30% premium, finally got a cordless red optical mouse and I'm considering returning that also.

How does the self-contained scroll device/fingerprint reader work?

kt, 2009/10/24 20:16

I tried Ubuntu 9.10 beta and the webcam seems to work on it.

sanjay, 2009/08/12 09:28


Kevin, 2009/04/01 15:21

I saw Sasaki's post above and link to the webcam drivers. There seems to be several branches and revisions, so I'm unsure which one to pick to install. I've never installed a driver on linux before, fairly new to linux for that matter. I'm running Mandriva 2009 with KDE 4.1. Webcam seems to be the only thing not working and volume buttons above the laptop keys, the latter I can live without. Any suggestions or tips in this instance on which version of the webcam driver to choose and how to install would be great.


jen, 2009/01/13 07:33

i am trying to get my webcam to work. the website listed above is not there, it was moved and the info isn't there now.

is there any way that someone could post the instructions?

i'm new to ubuntu and i love it! i just want my webcam to work :(

Sasaki, 2009/02/05 09:02

read this link.

or type
svn co m560x-driver
into a terminal.

str1, 2009/01/01 12:44

i've used ubuntu 8.04, it works fine. but when upgraded to ubuntu 8.10, the sounds broke. sound output was unclear and filled with garbage. i think it is because of the kernel 2.6.27. the soundchip on my v200 is venice 5045 (v200 0264-56A). maybe i'll go back to the 8.04 ubuntu.. btw, anyone tried the 2.6.28 kernel?

Sasaki, 2009/02/05 01:35

It isn't your sound card. The sound is boosted up 200% ontop of what the app running the sound is using I have the sound on VLS down to 10% and the main sound at about 10% and that is VERY loud but still clear. If you increase it to much he speakers cant handle it and cause nothing but noise.

Anonymous, 2008/06/09 18:55


I'm having trouble turning the wireless on and off with ubuntu, it doesn't seem to want to turn on. The bluetooth light turns on, but the wireless light doesn't. Have you had any problems with that?

Evert, 2008/05/09 03:40

Is the cam still a no-go?

Is the built-in cam on the V200 still a no-go under Linux? :-(

Sasaki, 2009/02/05 01:36

I got it working under 8.10 for a while but the color was off. I'm still not finished trying all the M560X drivers.

Ollie, 2008/03/19 03:35


Works great with Ubuntu Gutsy!
Except one thing… The sound. I've tried lots of different solutions but none is working.
How did you do to get it to work?


Bill Giannikos, 2008/03/19 05:28

Have you tried updating your version of ALSA following this guide?

Anonymous, 2008/06/11 17:09

Is your wireless on/off button working in linux?

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