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HP Pavilion dv5-1000 Series


This is a guide to running Linux with the HP Pavilion DV5-1000 Series laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

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NameHP Pavilion DV5-1000 Series
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.8Ghz
Screen15.4“ WXGA Widescreen
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsNVIDIA Geforce 9200M
NetworkEthernet, Intel Wifi Link 5100 802.11abgn, Bluetooth

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
SoundYesSee notes
WirelessYesSee notes
FirewireNot Tested
Card ReaderNot Tested
ExpressCard SlotNot Tested
Fingerprint ReaderNot Tested
CameraYesSee notes



It is recommended you run a Linux distribution with at least kernel version 2.6.24 for the Pavilion dv5. However the wireless will only function with the upcoming kernel 2.6.27 (see details below).


You will need to install the proprietary NVIDIA module to get the display working properly as does not yet have support for the 9200M. Our guides section covers this.

Some models of the dv5 has the NVIDIA 9600M. Installation should be the same as the 9200M

Other models of the dv5 has the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD. This hasn't been tested.


The wireless controller in the Pavilion DV5 is the Intel Wifi Link 5100. You need to use a Linux distribution with kernel version 2.6.27 or higher for this to function.


Sound does work but some of the volume controls do not. You can update to the latest development version of ALSA to see if that helps. Instructions for doing so are in the guides section here.


This webcam uses the UVC module. This module is not included with some Linux distributions (Ubuntu 8.04 includes it) so you may need to manually install it. Our guides sections covers this installation.


Suspend/Hibernate aren't working on this laptop. See [ this bug] to follow the issue.


At this time the HP Pavilion dv5 is a poor candidate for Linux support. Some more development work is required to be done in the Linux kernel for this laptop to begin working well.


kingswood, 2015/04/11 00:31

Old laptop now…grabbed it cheap as a “spare one”. 400GB HDD, 4GB RAM.
Installed Ubuntu 12.04LTS along side Windows XP (Deleted the Vista that was on it)…Impressed that Ubuntu was an easier install than XP was!…Also it kept the Vista recovery drive.
Everything working straight after install. Had to install proprietary graphics driver, but didnt seem to make a huge difference to the graphics anyway.
Wireless working no issues. Would need to install Cheese for webcam, but dont use webcam anyway!
Ubuntu running faster than it does on my newer laptop :)

Kory, 2011/04/13 10:53

I have HP Pavilion dv5t-1000 CTO with 9200 M graphic card 15.4 1200×800.
I try Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04 LTS 10.10 and Linux Mint 9, for all the only problem I have had is that it hung sometimes.

bellows , 2009/10/02 04:25

Just have a question regarding running Linux in general on a DV5, if you don't mind. I've got a smaller one (1164er, AMD Turion X2 RM-72, 2,1 Ghz) downgraded to Win XP (works … ok) and i'm curious about your experiences - if i'll be convinced i might change for Linux as well. I would go for ANY other system than vista, once i find a workable solution for a music recording system using an ext. audio-interface (don't know if i will get an upgrade to Win 7, if it's gonna work on this nb and don't know yet if i WANT to have it) - now here is my question:
Since this nb is originally equipped with Firewire, eSATA and Expresscard ports (mine, this being the main reason for me jumping on it) - aren't you also interested in checking out if the i/o's other than usb work on a Linux'd DV5? I can't find any blog regarding the non-USB ports on any non-Vista DV!
How do you work with your notebooks - are you all using USB only, or do you have some secret weapon there??…
I'm especially interested in getting Firewire and eSATA working since i found out that the usb ports on the HP's are of very poor technical performance, “there is still something that makes all USB ports get a virtual IRQ, which means that something else is occupying the real one so you get a fake one thats lesser priority” (writes sickVisionz on a HP-blog) - damned, i'd like to get the Firewire/ eSATA thing to be fixed somehow…
So, does anybody of you have any experience with the DV5-Firewire/ eSATA ports outside of Vista?
Guess otherwise i'm going to sell this nonsense machine;
i'm a musician, not a gamer.
Good luck for your work - and many thanks if someone has an idea on how to proceed!

eury's nunez, 2009/08/29 00:54

hi. i just upgrade to windows 7 and i have a hp pavilion dv5 1000 us my control remote doesnt work… i think i need the drivers . how can i get them. thanks eury nunez

deFINE, 2009/05/14 09:58

Guys, I’ve got dv5-1023 with IWL5100:

define@dv5-1023ea:~$ lspci | grep -i intel | grep -i network
02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection

I can’t get it work:
define@dv5-1023ea:~$ sudo modprobe -r iwlagn && sudo modprobe iwlagn

And my syslog shows this. The point is on this string:
iwlagn: Radio disabled by HW RF Kill switch

And I can’t turn my wireless on. It's always swithed off. Guys, how did you solve this problem? I use jaunty 64-bit with 2.6.28-11-generic kernel. Tried interpid, compiled gentoo, tried debian and suse all with 2.6.27 kernels. As I got it’s some kernel problem.

What can you say on the point?

Geneva observer, 2018/02/23 03:09

Fresh install here with Debian 9.3 and the wifi has to be turned on using the touch sensitive switch on the top left of the keyboard (just above the insert key).

I was able to do the entire install over the wifi network connection. Well done Debian team.

sriman, 2009/04/08 09:54

i buyed a hp dv5-1000 laptop it is working soo fine in some times in this laptop wireless adopter is stops suddenly it donot resets untill backup ur total laptop what is the problm i tryed all the ways reinstall and uninstall the drivers it is not set any body have solution for thist

Silver, 2009/09/04 10:17

The Intel WiFi 5100 is crap. Mine would randomly stop working since I got the computer. Reboot used to fix it but now it won't and HP won't help b/c it is now out of warranty. HP Pavilion dv5 laptop is a piece of crap.

matty, 2009/04/06 11:03

how the hell do i ude my bluetooth?? need to know fast as i am holiday next week

rrolsbe, 2009/01/19 19:19

Has anyone had any luck booting ANY Operating System from a drive connected to the ESATA port on the left side of the dv5t-1000?

Thanks Very Much In Advance

Aussieartist, 2009/01/07 17:08

There is also some more info in the Ubuntu forums:

matthew, 2009/01/05 07:05

Thanks Lilliverden for the suggestion. I made the suggested post-video change but it didn't fix my problem (though it did change it a bit I think–I need to test some more).

vaibhav, fwiw, I hate the touch pad on this thing. I'll admit I'm no huge fan of touchpads in general because I have a problem with accidentally touching them in ways that makes stuff screw up but this one is particularly troublesome for me. Interestingly it comes with an on off switch–as if HP knew the thing was problematic. But turning it on and off each time you need to type vs use the mouse is a big hassle. I'm not sure why this touch pad seems so much worse than others but I find it particularly problematic. It's my wife's computer and she has the same problem despite having last used a dell inspiron laptop with a touchpad (which she like and I also didn't like–though it wasn't half as bad as this one).

Vaibhav, 2009/01/05 10:09

Thanks matthew for the highlighting the sensitivity of the touchpad. Was wondering if the sticky touchpad surface also causes trouble while moving the pointer.

matthew, 2009/01/09 04:47

I haven't noticed a problem with a sticky surface on the touchpad. I think the reason that this touchpad is such a pain is that it is off center from the keyboard. When it is right in the middle it is easier not to have the palm of your hand hit it.

mahesh kumar, 2009/01/04 11:25

what are the details
we can ge through it if we buy te product .
can we get vista cd & recovery cd free from the company.

Lilleverden, 2009/01/04 19:01

When you buy a HP, you can burn your recovery CD/DVD with the recovery software that are included, always remember to do this when you buy a HP or any other PC!

Matthew, 2008/12/31 09:12

I've got the DV5t-1000. I installed Linux Mint Felicia (based on Ubuntu 8.1 Intrepid Ibix). Maybe I'm making some dumb mistake but the web cam doesn't seem to work. Neither suspend nor hibernate work. Everything else works great. If others are getting the webcam to work on this one I woudl love any pointers.

Lilleverden, 2008/12/31 10:31

Suspend hibernate
you are right, i never put mine in suspend, i have not tried this yet, but try this

if resume from standby still gives you a black empty screen with only the cursor then edit the following file:

sudo gedit /etc/default/acpi-support

and set it POST_VIDEO=false

in the same file nVidia suggests to disable use of VBE to restore power states for improved stability on resume:

  • Some distributions use a tool called vbetool to save and restore VGA adapter state. This tool is incompatible with NVIDIA GPUs’ Video BIOSes and is likely to lead to problems restoring the GPU and its state. Disabling calls to this tool in your distribution’s init scripts may improve power management reliability.

In order to accomplish with these suggestions make sure this line shows as follows:

# Should we save and restore state using the VESA BIOS Extensions?

By the way I myself have found no problems in keeping SAVE_VBE_STATE true and actually it seems to be also a workaround for some resume problems.

Lilleverden, 2008/12/25 18:58

me again an update on stuff

I could wait for answers so i just went ahead installing Ubuntu 8.10
Wireless = Works

HDMI = Works
First you activate Nvidia drivers, then you connect HDMI cable, then you open terminal and type “gksudo nvidia-settings” then you choose the settings you want( i choose Twinview and clone ) then apply, then save config. this was a hassle cause i could save the config file. tried sudo nvidia-setting, you could change, but not save the config, so when you restarted you had to do it all over again.

Surround Sound with Express-dock = works
You have to open the volume control and then choose settings, and enable IEC958 switches, then choose close, then choose the Switches tab, and enable IEC958

Bluetooth mouse and keyboard = works

Network cable = works full speed 1000 mbit

Notice = when having mkv file playback there is a lot of jagged lines, almost like interlaced… any suggestions?

Sorry for my terrible English

Lilleverden, 2008/12/24 23:36

I have a 1095eo, an have downloaded ubuntu 8.10. however i have some issues before i install, i use my laptop as a media center, i use Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. and i use the express dock


Will i get digital sound with ubuntu?`(surround)
Will the esata connection work?
Can the laptop be closed when it boots up and detect bluetooth devices at login?
And Will HDMI work at login?

Many questions

ahhzzy, 2008/12/17 21:57

I purchased a HP Pavillion dv5-1000us in aug of 2008 for school. Model i have has the intel x4500hd wifi sound all work and i get 1280×800 on the 15.4 display though im stuck at 4:3 and 1024×768 with my acer 16:10 20 inch lcd. Im running ubuntu 32 bit ver 8.10 with a 2.6.27 kernel.

Paul Swanson, 2008/12/16 13:49

I have a HP Pavilion dv5 (1075er). The latest Ubuntu 8.10, with all updates, works very well on it with noticeable exception of resume from suspend being broken, although hibernate does work. There is a bug report for this:

The installation of Ubuntu will be easiest if you do it connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable; video, sound (and volumes), web cam, hot keys, card reader, touch pad, etc.. will all be detected and functioning.

I haven't tried the HDMI or eSATA connections.

Sergio Romano, 2008/12/03 20:15

I bought this laptop, it also worked out of the box with Kubuntu 8.10 (linux kernel 2.6.27). WebCam works, sound works, wireless works, kde 4.1 works

Nardus, 2008/09/26 13:26

Opensuse 11

This notebook work out of the box. I wiped the disk and installed Opensuse. I do not dual boot, so be careful if you need Vista. The notebook don't ship with media, it is all on the hard driver for recovery.

Got some issues with kde4.1 and nvidia. But this seems to be an nvidia driver issue and hopefully be fixed in the near future. You can turn desktop effects off, to get past the nvidia driver problems.

The HP WebCam works !!!!! :)

The only thing that does not work yet is the wireless stuff. But this is also claimed to be working in the new 2.6.27 branch. Opensuse is on 2.6.25

I love my HP……

vaibhav, 2008/12/05 23:49

Hey Guys ,
Thanks for your post/comments about the hpdv5 laptop.
I am thinking of buying a laptop and install linux on it, trying to decide between dell studio 15 and hp dv5 with wsxga+ screen. Any comments on the graphichs and the touch pad for hpdv5 which is very polished and I think would bother me because my fingers dont slide smoothly over it.

Thanks in advance.


~matrix, 2008/12/19 03:26

My notebook is dv5-1116el, all hardware works with linux!
not tested: firewire, ExpressCard Slot

follow this link for a mini howto ;-)

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