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HP-Compaq 6710B


This is a guide to running Linux with the HP-Compaq 6710B laptop. The 6710B is a mid to high end laptop but without a overblown pricetag.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the HP-Compaq 6710b. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the HP-Compaq 6710b page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the HP-Compaq 6710B specifications page.

NameHP-Compaq 6710B
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz
Screen14.1“ WXGA
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsIntel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Network10/100/1000 Ethernet, Intel 3945 802.11g Wireless, Bluetooth
Other4 x USB2.0, 1 x Firewire

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
GraphicsYesSee notes below
WirelessYesUse the ipw3945 module; also make sure “LAN/WLAN switching is turned off in the BIOS settings
BluetoothYesRFKILL=Y in kernel, follow any guide then
56K ModemNot Tested
Card ReaderYesCan be problematic to get running, see
PCMCIANot Tested


Due to ACPI issues with older kernel versions, it is recommended you use a Linux distribution which includes kernel version 2.6.21 or higher, such as Fedora 7, with the HP 6710B.

Installing Ubuntu Feisty using the LiveCD will likely result in the error:

/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

At prompt the enter: 'modprobe piix' and then 'exit' (no quotes) to continue the boot. However afterwards you will likely have problems with the graphics driver.

The Intel driver in all current Linux distributions is too old to properly support the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100. It does not allow you to set the proper screen resolution. You will need to update the Intel driver for your distribution before the correct screen resolution can be used. You can download the driver here. I will write up a guide on installing this driver in the next few days. (Here is a guide on how to install the driver on Ubuntu 7.04)

Wireless LAN won't work if a network cable is attached to the laptop at the same time if “LAN/WLAN switching” is enabled in the BIOS settings.If the setting is enabled you will see that an ipw3945 device was detected and configured but there will be no ifconfig or iwconfig entries for the device. Pretty confusing when doing a network install using the wired network card and then trying to get the WLAN interface working, so better disable this setting during installation at least.


The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 is the main issue with running Linux on the HP-Compaq 6710B. All other features work well and up coming Ubuntu Linux distribution should solve the screen problem with the 6710B.


Richard Johnson, 2016/08/05 23:13

Hi I am running HP 6710b laptop(CenTos Linux) and i am trying to upgrade the RAM from the 1gb to the max 4gb. when I started I though it had a 2gb stick, but it shows on the lable that it's a 1gb. It has 2 slots and the max is 4gb. When i replaces the Memory, in both of the slots, at first only 1 slot was filled. “2gb in each”, the system only shows 1gb in each total of 2gb in the slot and not 4gbs total. is there any one with an ideal on whats going on? I initaly had xp on the computer and I removed it. thanks

John, 2014/05/10 20:13

Installed Debian Linux Wheezy with KDE as primary, along with GNOME and LXDE desktop managers. All work well, no noticeable issues with any hardware other than the one with Broadcom wireless which needed manual attention. Two are Intel T8100 processors and one is an Intel T7300 2.0GHz using a “used” Dell 128GB SSD. The later boots to log in within 15 seconds with exeptionally stable performance.

krunal, 2011/01/17 11:58

I am using fedora 8 os.i have a problem for my HP loptop model 6710b, the wireless not working, can you help me regarding for this matter? thanks

giovanni, 2010/10/30 20:10

I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my 6710b unistalling (with great pleasure) XP. Everything runs faster and better.
I had troubles with the wireless card but thanks to the suggestions from this forum (“LAN/WLAN switching” BIOS setting issue) everything works fine now.
Tanks to all contributors

TONY, 2010/10/22 13:40


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS latest acc to 2010, 2010/05/14 12:27

everything is perfect!!

the effects are mind boggling!!!


follow me on twitter @_surajb

Jose , 2010/04/03 21:17

iHave a Compaq 6710b Hp Laptop . and i would go on a site . like ebay or youtube. and yahoo. and it would just frez . u cant move the mouse and it just stays there and it wont work. any help please ?

dom, 2009/06/10 20:08

J'ai installé Ubuntu 9-04 ( Jaunty) sur ma machine, tout fonctionne parfaitement sauf l'apprence notamment la 3D et la reconnaissance digitale. Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider ?

Jesus Henao, 2009/04/17 14:28

Hi, how i can put in function the bluetooth device??? I have Ubuntu 8.10, and it not work….


Henrik C, 2009/04/20 07:10

deb intrepid main

and install blueman

robert2600, 2009/04/01 01:17

I have installed OpenSuse 11.1, i586 version on this laptop, I have been running it for several months and tested most things, everything works perfect and i am very happy:-D I have not tested the card reader or the finger print reader. No problems with the graphics card. As reported elsewhere, if you close the lid of the laptop it will freeze-up, so just don't close the lid!

Andreas Ohlsson, 2009/03/08 19:24

Open Suse 11.1 x64 my current favourite

I can only fully agree that 6710b is perfectly balanced price/performance if you are a business user.

One year ago I started with Ubuntu 8.04 x64 and had it installed until December with Windows in parallel boot. The Gnome desktop and some small issues with hardware made look forward to Ubuntu 8.10 and also a change KDE.

In the end I have tried at least 10 different distros in all kind of flavors. Now finally I think I can settle with Open Suse 11.1 x64 with KDE 4.2. At least for a while .

There are still some issues with hardware, graphic and ACPI mostly, you have yo solve manually. Open Suse is fantastic OS out-of-box, except for some non-OSS principals.

To solve the graphic issue you really have to get into the X11-org world. And if you not are a techie it can take you some time to find the correct bin or source code to compile.
This guide saved my day:

The fingerprinter reader is not an issue for me. I rather use my own clever passwords.

The “Stand by” and “hibernation” issues seem to be solved in the current KDE4.2/Kernel combination for 11.1. But to my experience old issues can pop-up in new builds…

Jay, 2009/02/27 19:55

Am using Linux Madriva 2008 on my 6710b and everything works perfect including graphics and wireless. The only device which is not working is the fingure-print reader.

rolan tuazon, 2008/12/27 07:59

Dear Sir/s

I have a problem for my HP loptop model 6710b, the wireless not working, can you help me regarding for this matter? thanks


Menelaos, 2008/11/22 01:11

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0r5 (amd64)

From the “etchnhalf” service release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 you can use the new “intel” xorg driver, provided you switch to a new “etchnhalf” linux kernel. This backported driver supports only 2D.

The PCMCIA works fine. Used for a 3G mobile network card.

Problem areas:

1. Power management, ACPI suspend/hibernate:
hibernate works (check that grub looks for the image at the right partition (swap) during boot).
Suspend to RAM does not work. Default setup that suspends when lid is closed, freezes the laptop. Best to simplify power management configuration….

2. bonobo-activation (GNOME) is hitting 100% CPU usage randomly/occasionally. After you kill the process it resumes normal operation until next time. During 100% CPU usage period you can no longer open new applications. You need to switch to terminal console and kill bonobo-activation from there. Very annoying!

McBain, 2008/05/20 01:22

Ubuntu 8.04 up and running…


Just installed 64bit Ubuntu 8.04 on my HP6710… everything works well out of the box, only wifi had some minor quirks, but after that was handled. Ubuntu is flying smooth as silk now using Compiz Fusion. This laptop is a real winner when using ubuntu 8.04.

Hartmut Holzgraefe, 2008/02/02 04:45

Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop

Ubuntu 7.10 desktop seems to play nice with all 6710b components now (once i figured out the “LAN/WLAN switching” BIOS setting issue).
I've only been using it for a day so far though and i haven't checked the firewire and modem ports due to lack of attachable hardware

Sam, 2007/12/15 07:49

Intel driver


Do you have to guide how to install the intel driver to fix the screen resolution?


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