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Dell Latitude D620


This is a guide to running Linux with the Dell Latitude D620 laptop. The Latitude D620 is a medium level laptop with great Linux support.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions. This is Rafting Pangalengan

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NameDell Latitude D620
ProcessorIntel Core Duo T2300 1.66Ghz
Screen14.1“ WXGA
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Network10/100/1000 Ethernet + Intel 3945 802.11g Wireless
Other4 x USB2.0

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveYes
SoundYesUse the snd-hda-intel module
WirelessYesUse the ipw3945 module
56K ModemNot Tested
PCMCIANot Tested


As default the native screen resolution of the Latitude D620 is 1280×800, however due to the way the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 functions this resolution would not be usable right away. To get it working you will need to install the 915resolution program and type in:
915resolution 5a 1280 800
This will then allow you to use the native 1280×800 resolution. However this setting will be forgotten after each boot so you will need a way to automatically run this command at every boot. Fortunately most Linux distributions come with the 915resolution program and include a simple way of achieving this. You can view our Configuring the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 & 950 guide for more information.

Some versions of the D620 include the Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M. This has not been tested yet.

Some versions of this notebook have the Dell Wireless 1390 or the Dell Wireless 1490 Dual-Band wireless network card. Neither of these cards were tested.

Thanks to khadgaray for adding this:
Works fine with nv module provided by FC6 Xorg 7.1 . For dual screen i use nvidia's driver ( build 9625 )
modem - Unable to find any communication device with lspci listing :(


If your Linux distro fails to identify and drive your “Dell Wireless 1490 Dual Band 802.11a/b/g” wireless adapter (Typically those base on Broadcom Corporation's BCM4311 or BCM4312 chips). You can install relevant drivers by connecting to the internt via a wired connection, opening Terminal and running this command there:

  sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer


Under debian, in order to use the internal microphone, create a file /etc/modprobe.d/00alsa containing the line

  options snd-hda-intel model=ref


grandr works fine but you have to manually edit the virtual display space under debian, your xorg.conf file should contain a subsection

  Section "Screen"
      SubSection "Display"
          Virtual    1280 1600

if you want to have twice 1280×800 screens on top of each other.


As with all Intel Core based notebooks, it is recommended to use a Linux distribution with kernel version 2.6.16 or greater with the Dell Latitude D620. With a up to date kernel this laptop works well with Linux. * Unordered List Item


Jim, 2016/05/22 01:51

I have a Dell Latitude D620 laptop with a removable CD/DVD drive. I also have a removable 3.5 inch disk drive. How do I mount the 3.5 inch disk drive after I install it in place of the cd/dvd drive? When my laptop was running MSWindows it was easy, I didn't have to do anything. Thanks.


Jim, 2016/05/22 01:52

I forgot to add I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 on my Dell Latitude D620.

ioio, 2016/01/02 13:20

hi everyone
after several tests of different distroz, i have chosen lubuntu 14.04 3LTS on my dell d620, core duo 1.83gHz, with 3Go of ram
but.. the system is very slow.. i don't understand why
all devices working fine though
is there more to know on how to set the system to make it work fine on that laptop?
I'm afraid i might have to go back to xp on that computer if i can't make it better
thanks a lot if you have any tip

Paul F. Versloot, 2016/01/02 15:02

Hallo Ioio,

Yes, I've had the same problem / “challenge” a your of two ago…
Mine had even 2 GB RAM and that was even worse.

Today I'm still running Ubununtu 14.04.3 LTS and not Lubuntu, with the same Dual-Core of the intel chipset.

I can help you, if you want some (short and professional) support over email.

a) It would be very wise, to make a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS DVD from download ISO or something;
b) Do you have the Nvidea graphics card or the Intel (G45M) chipset? (Also intel HD audio).

Yours sincerly,

Paul (The Netherlands)

ioio, 2016/01/17 21:36

hi paul and many thanks for your reply

a/ i can make a usb boot
b/ intel

Paul F. Versloot, 2016/01/21 17:36

Hello ioio,

In my option “Ubuntu desktop” is shit and Unity (a Ubuntu cloon off Gnome also!).

Install the Gnome Desktop (=Metacity) you will need the <b>Gnome flashback Services</b> for. Also you'll need Unity (7.x or 8).

With <b>Compiz</b> you can tune your videocard, but it is a bit complicated.

With this software configuration, the laptop will run faster than normal and you can tune a lot more (like HDD, Video in combination with Firefox etc.).



SdM, 2016/01/21 15:26


I had lubuntu 15.10 on my 6 year old HP Dos/s netbook with 2GIg of Ram and a cheap 60GIg SSD Harddrive. Very smooth Everything works out of box..accept my canon printer :)

Maybe its a hardware problem that makes lubuntu slow on the Dell D620.
Did you try another fine light weight distro like linux lite.

Next week i have a challange to “upgrade” a dell D620 to a Linux Distro for a friend.

Paul F. Versloot, 2016/05/22 07:58

Hello Jim,

It's a tiny long-shot, but did you (after reboot) change de BIOS-setting(s), there is a 3.5“ Floppy-Bay, instead of the DVD/CDR drive?

I didn't knew there was a (internal) floppy-drive-bay which is interchangeble with the DVD/CDR drive ;-)

Above is only valid if you haven't compiled your kernel, I guess…
If you compile your own kernel, it is likely possible…



HENRY MWALWALA, 2015/04/30 13:00

i have problem on my laptop Dell Latitude D620. power not connecting and the switch not responding.

Chris, 2015/03/08 15:34

“But only after rebuilding the linux install and starting fresh and as Mike suggested installing the Kernel-Devel for my kernel as well that solved everything.”

How do you do this? I don't see it posted.

Maxaxle, 2015/01/27 07:32

I just “upgraded” from an HP/Compaq nc6000 to a Dell Latitude D620 a few weeks ago, got Lubuntu 14.04 running on it, and have been having some fun with it…but for some reason, the D620 seems to run most games a lot more slowly than the nc6000 (plus the nc6000 was capable of playing Gunpoint at a pathetic framerate whereas the D620 incapable of rendering a full scene). Any ideas on why that might be?

Paul F. Versloot, 2015/01/27 07:58

The Dell Latitude was delivered in two configurations:
1. NVidea graphics card, with a lot of video RAM
2. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator i954, with 8MB of video RAM

I've option 2 with 2 GB of internal RAM of the D20.
It took about a week to configure the videocard for me and if you can give me the following options you have, I think I can help you:

Witch video card do you have?
How much RAM does the D620 have?
Witch kernel are you using? (3.x) — type “uname -r” in a terminal
Witch WM (Window Manager) are you using? (important)

You can email me on the following addres:


Paul F. Versloot, 2015/01/16 13:59

I've had Ubuntu 10.04 LTS custom compiled for 4 yours on my Dell Latitude D620.
With a lot of help of online documentation, I've upgraded (With a clean install!) to the latest 14.04 LTS of Ubuntu. First I was sceptic, but after reading some online treads, I've decided to not give up.

Finally I've got a stable working laptop (2 GB RAM) with a custom compiled kernel (3.13.X). (That was the most difficult compilation I've ever done)!

Joe Hodge, 2013/09/02 10:51

Running CentOS 6.4 x86_64 on Dell D620 with Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M graphics. Using proprietary nVidia driver. Replaced the original Core Duo with a Core2 Duo to run 64 bit version. Everything works except the 56k modem.

Ron Bennington, 2015/06/01 16:00

I have a dell D830 I cannot get the darn wireless drivers working on, the hardwire works out of the box. I have tried may things with no success. Oh this is my first try at CentOS.

linuxfan, 2012/05/31 17:22

I have my d620 laptop. windows sucs :(

any suggestions abaou linux ?

rmendoza577, 2012/05/28 21:49

trying to get ubuntu 12.04 running on my d620, i have the dell 1390 wireless card;can't seem to get wireless to work. any suggestions?

John Harris, 2012/08/25 08:12

Have you got a network cable plugged in? Wireless will not be activated if it detects ethernet. I have a D620 on 12-04 and wireless is fine

tralala lupio, 2011/12/21 14:36

Let's try the new FEDORA16 (Verne), it's perfect on my D620 Laptop!
Everything works well at the first boot!
I've tried Ubuntu, and other Deb's forks, but rpm's systems works better, maybe because
of RedHat and Dell friendship…
Try the New MANDRIVA for the french, hey!

LINuX's RuLez!!

Ardean , 2011/05/07 08:32

Hello … Sorry to inform, that I use Dell D620. Thanks

ardean, 2011/05/07 08:30

I just try ubuntu 11.04. I found the interface my ubuntu like 10.10. No Launcher in left side. What going wrong. I want to know why.

Juha, 2011/01/20 13:47

I tried to install Ubuntu on a Dell Latitude D610 laptop. The installation stopped soon to a following error ”(initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on filesystem.squashfs failed: input/output error cannot mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on filesystem.squashfs”. There is a Window XP system installed on the laptop.

Raoul Widman, 2011/10/20 07:05

raoulwidman@gmail.comBold Text

manou, 2010/05/29 14:32


I am trying Kubuntu 10 and seems to make strange things. Sometimes WIFI works, sometimes not. I can't understand.

Somebody around could guide me to find a specific kernel config file to build my custom kernel ?

Thank you,
·_- manou

May all beings be happy

Denis, 2010/05/14 10:16

Works fine with Mandriva One 2010 KDE installed on hard disk, dual boot with Windows XP. Adjustment sound problem; some times doesn't work with laptop keyboard. Modem and PCMCIA not tested.

sara, 2010/04/02 10:12

j'ai besoin des drivers de Dell latitude D620

SpringPark3, 2009/12/31 04:38

I've got a Dell D620 with Dell 1490 wireless card (Broadcom 4312 chip). After installing Ubuntu 9.10, everything else works but wireless because the driver for the wifi card was not installed. To get the driver, google for “b43-fwcutter ubuntu” and download the “b43-fwcutter” package. Install it, and when asked, choose “fetch driver”. After everything is installed, reboot and my wireless finally works!

wzul, 2010/02/13 21:02

yes. my computer dell latitude d620 after installing and choosing fetch driver. Finallly, works..!8-)

dwayne, 2010/05/18 23:53

Spring Park3 thanks Yo9u saved me much trouble on downloading b43-fwcutter package and then choosing fetch driver. Wish I could of found that info earlier. Tried many other ways people said but to no prevail, until your info. Thanks a million. dwayne

peter, 2009/10/22 14:41

Just booted Damn Small Linux from flash drive. Use DSL ACPI=OFF

gorav, 2009/09/28 18:31

installed ubuntu jaunty 9.04 without any problems, wireless is up immediately, just started using ubuntu a few weeks ago and finding it to be excellent. only issue is with google earth, which i imagine will be fixed once i look into the configuring intel graphics card.

Stani, 2009/07/10 14:49

I have installed Centos 5.3 on Dell latitude D620…. arghhh this system makes me crazy
my laptop has a lot problems.. wireless pains - even if I have used kernel 2.6.30 it was unable to force intell wireless card to scan environemnet for AP's.
also some patching of graphic driver display was a must to have proper resolution on laptop display.

mark, 2009/12/24 01:20

I wouldn't recommend centos for a laptop install. It is meant for enterprise servers and as such isn't really updated with features for the notebook (power management/sleep/wireless). Fedora would be a better distro if you wanted a red hat based install although it isn't always the most stable since it is the test bed for future versions of RHEL.

Bjorn , 2009/01/15 09:43

I would truely like to thank you both, I finally resolved my problem and now have my wireless card working on my D620. I went back as you suggested Dawid and just reinstalled and rebooted. But only after rebuilding the linux install and starting fresh and as Mike suggested installing the Kernel-Devel for my kernel as well that solved everything. Thanks again for all your feedback and this blog. Now on to the next issue to solve, getting my wireless to work at the office with their WPA setup. LOL.

Michael, 2008/07/15 19:02

Debian testing

Debian testing installed with no real issues, other than teething problems with wireless (debatably due to the university's odd configuration of their wireless modems, rather than debian).

Overall — solid and reliable.

khadgaray, 2006/10/30 12:54


Works fine with nv module provided by FC6 Xorg 7.1 . For dual screen i sue nvidia's driver ( build 9625 )

modem - Unable to find any communication device with lspci listing :(

fani, 2011/11/26 21:46

just try
sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.38-13-server

which upgrades kernel to current one

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