Configuring a NVIDIA graphics chip for Fedora 10


Bill Giannikos


This guide will help you configure the proprietary nvidia module under Fedora 10. I will not be covering the open source nv module included with Xorg because its configuration is normally handled automatically by most Linux distributions.

Licensing Issues

NVIDIA provide their own license for their driver. You will need to read and accept this license before proceeding. You can read this license here.


We will be using 'nano' as our text editor of choice but you can use whatever you wish.

While this guide is mainly focused to laptop users there isn't any difference for desktop users.


You should run a full update for your installation of Fedora to ensure you have all the latest packages installed.

Installing the NVIDIA driver

The nvidia driver is not included with Fedora 10 so we will need to use a 3rd party repository. Here we will be using the ATrpms repository.

1. Load up a terminal window if you are in the graphic interface.

2. Switch to the root user by entering the command “su -” (without the quotes) and typing in your root password

3. Edit the file /etc/yum.conf. Using nano we type the command “nano -w /etc/yum.conf”

4. If you have already configured yum to use the ATrpms repository then append “*nvidia-graphics*” to the end of the “includepkgs” line and skip the next 3 steps. Otherwise continue on.

5. Add the following to the bottom of this file:

name=Fedora $releasever - $basearch - ATrpms

6. Save the file. In nano you press Ctrl-X, answer yes to the “Save modified buffer” question and then press enter on the file name to write.

7. If you have not previously setup ATrpms execute the following command:

rpm --import

8. Now execute the following command:

yum install nvidia-graphics

9. Reboot your system and you will be using the nvidia driver.


Normally after installing the nvidia driver with the steps above your xorg.conf file should have automatically been updates to use the newer driver. If this did not happen or for some reason it has reverted then, as root, enter the following command:


This will switch you back to the nvidia driver.


Raul-Angel García, 2009/05/07 00:23

Since the kernel for Fedora 10 has launched to the fedora update repository, I not found the nvidia-graphics kernel module update in the [atrmps] repository I added following the step Nº5 in this page.

¿Hoy can I do for making to work my Geforce 9200M GS on these new kernels?

Raul-Angel García, 2009/05/07 00:16

Since the Fedora 10 kernel was left for the fedora repository, I did not found the nvidia-graphics kernel module actualizations in the [atrmps] repository I set following the step 5 of this page.

¿How can I do, for making my Geforce 9200M GS to work with these new kernels?

PM Schwall, 2009/04/05 10:31

A little problem executing the command :

yum install nvidia-graphics.

I have the message:

Error: Missing Dependency: /boot/vmlinuz- is needed by package 1:nvidia-graphics180.29-kmdl- (atrpms)

I think the problem comes from the kernel:

[root@localhost ~]# uname -r

Is there a way to obtain the version 19-170 needed?
(I have a NVS 140M, and it's supported…if this information can help…)
Thanks guys.

Danny, 2009/04/02 16:06

How may I identify, which nvidia graphic cards are supported by Fedora nvidia packages?
Namely I am concerned with Quadro FX 370M. Thanks for advice. D.

Bill Giannikos, 2009/04/02 22:53

Look at the readme file on the NVIDIA side for the driver you are going to install, for 108.44:

TheFactory, 2008/12/31 17:55

Thanks, it did the trick, it works now on my R61 with Nvidia NVS140M chip. It also let me enable compiz-fushion in Fedora10 which the default install of FC10 did not.

Keep this going, real nice.

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