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Asus VivoBook S500CA


This is the page for running linux on the Asus VivoBook S500CA. It provides helpful tips and hints for making your laptop work well with linux. If you find something on here helpful let us know by leaving a comment bellow!

If you have the Asus VivoBook S500CA and are running Linux on it please consider editing this page or adding a comment below with your compatibility details. By contributing you will help other people running this laptop or trying to make a decision on whether to buy it or not.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Asus VivoBook S500CA. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Asus VivoBook S500CA page on LapWik.

Editing This Page

If you would like to edit this page please first view our Editing Guidelines. And be sure to leave your name in the contributers section so we know who to thank!


For full specifications see the Asus VivoBook S500CA specifications page.

NameAsus VivoBook S500CA
ProcessorIntel Core i7 3517U Processor
Intel Core i5 3317U Processor
Intel Core i3 3217U /2365U Processor
Intel ULV Pentium 987 Processor
Intel ULV Celeron 847 Processor
Screen15.6“ 1366×768 Widescreen
RAMUp to 6GB (Can be upgraded to 12GB)
HDDUp to 750GB
SSDUp to 24GB
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4000
Intel HD Graphics 3000
Intel HD Graphics
Network10/100/1000 Ethernet
802.11 b/g/n

Linux Compatibility

ScreenYes (Including touchscreen)
SSDYes* Works as root partition. Not tested as cache.
Graphics ChipYes
VGA OutYes
HDMI OutYes (Including HDMI audio)
Bulti-in MicrophoneYes
Headphone JackYes
Microphone JackYes
Card ReaderYes
Touch PadYes

Extra Keys

Key codes according to the showkey command:

NameKey CombnationKey CodeNotes
Vivo KeyVivo Key240
SleepFn + F1142
Wifi On/Off Fn + F2 Does not register in Linux
Brightness UpFn + F5???Did not record code, but functions (See “Making Extra Keys work” below)
Brightness DownFn + F6???Did not record code, but functions (See “Making Extra Keys work” below)
Display On/OffFn + F7245/431245 if display is on. 431 if display is off
Video ModeFn + F8 25/12525 on F8 press/release 125 when Fn is released
Track Pad On/OffFn + F9191
MuteFn + F10113
Volume DownFn + F11114
volume UpFn + F13115
Play/PauseFn + Up164
BackwardFn + Left165
ForwardFn + Right163
StopFn + Down166
? Fn + C148
CameraFn + V212
? Fn + Space185
CalculatorFn + NumPad Enter140


General Compatibility Notes
On Ubuntu everything works out of the box aside from the weak wifi signal. On Arch dkms-alx package must be installed from the AUR in order to use the on board Ethernet. Since kernel version 3.10 the driver is included in the linux kernel.

Making Extra Keys Work
Disable BOOT>Launch CSM and Fast Boot in BIOS.

If you want to enable multi-touch support/gestures on you laptop I would recommend taking a look at Touchégg. I can verify that is plays quite nicely with KDE 4 in Arch Linux.

About DSDT Tables
This section is no longer necessary. See the “Making Extra Keys Work” section above instead. I decided to leave this information on the wiki page in case someone finds this information helpful for other reasons.
As for DSDT tables I was able to extract the DSTD tables from my windows partition, decompile them on my linux partition with “iasl -d ./FromWinDSDT.aml” and temporarily recompiling it into my kernel with “iasl -ic ./FromWinDSDT.dsl” This makes all of the fn buttons work except for wifi on/of, brightness up, and brightness down. I have not yet recompiled my kernel with the modified DSDT, but I will be doing that soon. The tables I extracted from my windows partition are linked below:

Need Help?
Need help with something specific for this laptop? Chances are pretty good that I have had some experience with it on this laptop. Post a comment bellow and I will try to help you out asap. Usually I will be able reply within 24 hours.


Overall this laptop works fairly well with linux.

One MAJOR DRAWBACK is that the stock wifi card has horrible linux support. I ended up purchasing an intel centrino advanced-n 6230 wifi+bluetooth card (amazon link below). If anyone decides to go this route and needs help installing it post a comment and I will make a video tutorial on upgrading your wifi card.

Wifi now works perfectly out of the box due to driver update.

Initially in arch linux I was getting around 4 hours of battery life. Once I installed some power management utilities I was able to get battery life to 6.5 hours. Below is a link to a great guide on increasing battery life in linux.

Page Contributers

If you have added/updated information please add you name below so we know who has helped:

  • Stephen Haffner (Haffinator) no longer owns this laptop and will no longer be able to update this page. Although he does not have access to this laptop anymore, he will still try to help you if you post in the comment section below.


Daniel sami, 2016/05/31 07:36

This is a superb post here. I am agree with your opinion I have read your article is really very helpful and informative for me. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.
This is a superb post here. I am agree with your opinion I have read your article is really very helpful and informative for me. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

jarush, 2014/06/26 22:21

How do you solve the fan working issue?

with Ubuntu it working everytime. i can't find solution:

-there is no ACPI interface for fan management (mean linux does not see it)

-there is no interface for CPU voltage power management and switching CPU TDP from 17W @1,7GHz to 14W@1.0Ghz, switching CPU to low power mode.

Tried all of existing tools. The main problem is the CPU voltage. can not figure it out.

this f**g DPTF (Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework)! it's gorrible cause there is drivers just for windoze and chromium os.

Bruce Dunn, 2014/04/22 01:16

The problem with low signal strength for WiFi was traced to a bug in the driver. The driver was fixed in the last half of 2013, and recent version of Ubuntu at least work well with the built in WiFi.

Stephen Haffner, 2014/06/04 18:37

I can verify this as well. The default wifi card is now being used in most ultrabooks so a lot of attention was given to fixing the driver issue.

Al Grabauskas, 2014/04/04 02:11

Actually, FYI, up to 12G of ram is possible - at least on the model I have, which is an S500CA-RSI5T02. It has 4G on board, and a sodimm slot, that tells me can handle an 8G sodimm. lshw supports that claim, and I'll find out for sure after UPS drops a package on my doorstep tomorrow.

6G is the default setup usually shipped - but mine currently has 8G, so i know 6G isn't the max for a fact right now.


Stephen Haffner, 2014/04/04 02:14

I can verify this as well. While I have not done it, the person who bought this laptop from me upgraded to 12 GB of RAM.

ChrisB, 2013/11/24 21:44

Why do you say this laptop 'really sucks'

Can you elaborate?

thht, 2013/11/19 19:05

Wifi is horrible, to non-functioning under linux mint 15 Olivia with ath9k driver…

djkk, 2013/11/19 19:04

5 hours if you're not actually doing anything with it. 4 hours if you are surfing the internet and doing very minor things with screen NOT set at maximum brightness, and about 3 hours at best if you are watching a movie.

DO NOT GET THIS LAPTOP… it really sucks, and I hate that I bought this shiney piece of junk

Stephen Haffner, 2013/11/25 18:23

I did already mention the wifi issue in my first comment. You can purchase an intel centrino advanced-n 6230 wifi card for this laptop for $25-$30. Search for it on newegg, amazon, ebay, etc.

As for battery life, I am able to get about 6-6.5 hours of battery life with this laptop. (Normal usage includes about 3-4 hours of streaming music, and continuous web surfing)

I followed the the post on arch linux forums below to increase my battery life.

EDIT: Currently the wifi card I am using is on amazon for $27

GERARD, 2013/10/29 12:26

good I want to install the 13.10 version on this device can operate correctly tactile function and all its features are new to this and want to work only with ubuntu. thank you very much for your dedication and support.

Stephen Haffner, 2013/10/29 12:32

No problem! Hope it works out for you. I found that the touchegg package is useful for doing multi touch gestures. I am not sure if ubuntu includes it with its touchscreen support, if not you can just install it with apt-get and then edit it's config file. Let me know how it goes!

dawidekziaja, 2013/08/22 12:27

Ubuntu will not boot from usb. The usb boots on a Packard Bell laptop but not on the asus. Can somebody help me?

Stephen Haffner, 2013/08/22 14:46

What version of ubuntu are you trying to boot? Since this is a newer laptop it uses EFI instead of bios. I know that the current ubuntu installer has EFI support, but older versions may not. By default this laptop will not boot to legacy systems (systems that do not have an EFI bootloader installed). If you go into your bios there is an option to enable legacy boot. I can't remember where it is off the top of my head but it you need help finding it reply to this post and I will reboot into efi setup to figure it out for you. You may have to disable safe boot as well, I can't remember if it was enabled to start with or not. Good luck running linux on you laptop and have fun with it!

Stephen Haffner, 2013/08/06 06:46

Since the current driver for the default wireless chipset is so bad I upgraded to an intel centrino advanced-n 6230. This has left me with great wifi and bluetooth functionality. (Both the original card and the 6230 are wifi+bluetooth)

hotel, 2013/11/16 21:47

How is the battery life? Newegg says its about 5 hours… that seems low for an ultrabook.

Stephen Haffner, 2013/11/25 18:23

I am able to get about 6-6.5 hours of battery life with this laptop. (Normal usage includes about 3-4 hours of streaming music, and continuous web surfing)

I followed the the post on arch linux forums below to increase my battery life.

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