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Asus TAICHI 21


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Asus TAICHI 21 laptop. If you have the Asus TAICHI 21 and are running Linux on it please consider editing this page or adding a comment below with your compatibility details. By contributing you will help other people running this laptop or trying to make a decision on whether to buy it or not.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Asus TAICHI 21. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Asus TAICHI 21 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Asus TAICHI 21 specifications page.

NameAsus TAICHI 21
ProcessorIntel Core i7 3517U Processor
Intel Core i5 3317U Processor
Screen2 x 11.6“ 1920×1080 Widescreen
RAMUp to 4GB
HDDUp to 256GB
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4000
NetworkNo Ethernet
802.11 a/b/g/n

Linux Compatibility

Touch ScreenNot Working
StylusNot Working
Inner ScreenWorks
Outer ScreenDisplay works if you boot with laptop closed, but no input devices work.
Graphics ChipWorks
VGA OutWorks with (K)Ubuntu 13.10 but not 12.04
HDMI OutWorks with (K)Ubuntu 13.10
Bulti-in MicrophoneWorks
Headphone JackNot Tested
Microphone JackNot Tested
BluetoothBluetooth controls appear. Add device failed.
WebcamWorksBoth via uvcvideo driver
Docking StationNot Tested
Touch PadWorksMultitouch suported



The Asus TAICHI 21 does not yet work properly with Linux, quite a few issues exist.


Pedro Cunha , 2018/03/11 21:29

Does the earphone jack works?

kris, 2016/11/16 10:03

I use Ubuntu 16.04 on this laptop and everything is supported out of the box.

The only inconvenience is that in order for the outer screen to actually show anything, you need to keep the lid closed when powering the laptop. After that you can programatically toggle the screens on and off.

Other than this inconvenience everything else is a great user experience.

xourge, 2014/07/12 05:13

I installed it in Taichi 21 DH71
If you setup grub to default boot Ubuntu, and turn the laptop lid closed on, Ubuntu will start with the outer screen. Then you open it and can configure the laptop (Settings→Screen) to use both screens as you want.

You will have to rotate the outer screen 180 in order for it to display accordingly when open.
Also you have to configure the laptop so that when you close the lid, the laptop doesn't sleep.

If you reboot with the lid open, or sleep, when waking the outer screen won't work again.

Steve Cookson, 2014/01/18 11:22

Is your touchscreen and stylus working? How did you do that?



phchang, 2014/01/23 14:16

They work automatically,
you can type xinput in terminal to see if they are on the list.

You should be able to see somethings like
N-trig Duosense 2 and N-trig Duosense 2 pen
two items

If I remember correctly, even Ubuntu live CD can recognize them

Steve Cookson, 2014/02/24 19:16

Ok, so if I boot with the lid open then I include:

xinput disable 'N-trig DuoSense'

In my /etc/rc.local file

To avoid unexpected brushes with the back of the screen. I don't need to disable the pen since it would need a deliberate attempt to use it.

I can go into screen setup and it detects the outer touch screen and I set it up to clone, but the outer screen remains unlit. It works fine as a Linux laptop, but not as a tablet.

If I boot with the lid closed, I just can't do it. I have a dual boot machine Win/Kubuntu and I have no way of entering the boot selection screen with the lid shut.

Maybe if my default boot was Linux, I could do it.



Artem Grunichev, 2013/12/19 12:01

stylos works perfectly

Artem Grunichev, 2013/12/19 12:02


Steve Cookson, 2014/01/18 11:18

How did you get the stylus to work? I'm on Kubuntu 13.10 (really same as Ubuntu), but my stylus and my touch screen are not working, so I have no input device for tablet mode. I guess I could watch a video if I didn't need to pause it :(

Artem Grunichev, 2014/01/18 11:38

Sorry, but as i can remember, i haven't done anything special to get it working. When i install system (Arch Linux witk KDE), it was working out of box. Maybe, it was disabled for you by some ubuntu's automatic, like it was for P. Chang here.

phchang, 2013/11/26 21:58

I've been using taichi with ubuntu for 2 weeks, I would like to summarize what I have so far.

If you want to rotate screen you have to rotate touch screen as well.
finger touch and stylus are different devices.
so you have 3 things to rotate.

xrandr -o left

xinput set-prop 'N-trig DuoSense' 'Coordinate Transformation Matrix' 0 -1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1

xinput set-prop 'N-trig DuoSense Pen' 'Coordinate Transformation Matrix' 0 -1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1

if you are using extended screen,
you might need to change the value of matrix,
to constrain the coordinate within touch screen
for example if connect my taichi to another 1080p

the matrix should be modified as
-0.5 0 0.5 0 -1 1 0 0 1

if you want to turn off touch screen or any device

please follow

same thing applies for any listed device

So I guess the only major issue left is to
switch backlight of external moniter

Hope this helps

P. Chang, 2013/11/09 15:50

A question for whoever rates this excellent,

does that mean everything including touch screen

and inking is working perfectly?

eberhard, 2013/11/09 16:38

Hi. The external screen can be used by touch (but not stylus) when you boot it with closed lid. I first installed Linux Mint 15. Changed the booting with Ubuntu Boot repair and got Mint booting first. For entering the username and password you need to open the lid slightly. After that both screens work and you can open and close the lid. To get touch working I used [xinput set-prop “N-trig DuoSense” “Device Enabled” 1].
I did not get further. My impression is, that the external screen is also working when booting with open lid, but backlight is switched off totally and I don't have an idea how to get it on.

Artem Grunichev, 2013/11/09 21:05

I have tried Arch Linux, and it hangs on when booting with lid closed, with external screen shows nothing, but with backlight on. Then I press ctrl+alt+del to reboot (lid opened this time), and booted successfully, with backlight on external screen does not work, with enabled backlight - so, I think, problem isn't in it

Artem Grunichev, 2013/11/09 21:09

Sorry, that's correct: I have tried Arch Linux, and it hangs on when booting with lid closed, with external screen shows nothing, but with backlight on. Then I press ctrl+alt+del to reboot (lid opened this time), and booted successfully, with external screen does not work, while backlight on it works - so, I think, problem isn't in it

Artem Grunichev, 2013/11/25 10:06

Sorry, my external screen was broken, now it works when starting lid closed.

P. Chang, 2013/11/17 20:30

Hi thank you guys so much for the replies. eberhard, that's exactly what
happen to me. I just got my taichi 21, and started running ubuntu on it.
The problem seems to be “backlight” when booting with lid closed, because even
it's all dark the touch screen still can feel your fingers.

Does anybody have any idea how to configure touch screen? for example, when I first installed ubuntu, it automatically turns off finger touch and only work for digital pen (finger touch only works for screen keyboard which is exactly the way I want it). Then I don't remember what I did, it feels my finger too which causes
palm rejection problem and it's very annoying while I'm writing.

Eberhard, 2013/07/01 15:03

Hi. As i wrote on the Taichi 31 thread the external screen is working together with the touch screen when you boot with the lid closed. I was not able to get it working with other methods jet.

Eberhard, 2013/07/01 14:58

Hi. As I wrote on the Taichi 31 thread the external screen is working when you boot with th elid closed.

Pedro, 2013/05/28 02:41

hello, I recently bought a taichi 21 and installed an ubuntu 13.04. Plus all items marked as compatible I can add that VGA out, microphone, headphone, and bluetooth works correctly. However since touchpad second screen doesnt works, I rate has a fair, because the most interesting feature of this ultrabook is that it can be a tablet, and for now it only be possible in windows.

Marty, 2013/04/19 09:54

How do you go througt Windows8's Secure Boot?
or you just set the HDD into MBR mode?

Artem Grunichev, 2013/04/20 18:42

Hi there, i have similar model Taichi 31, and i just disabled SecureBoot in BIOS-like menu, called with Del key when booting on. Then i have installed ArchLinux with GPT, UEFI, GRUB2, with way, described in ArchWiki, all except external screen works ok.

Tony G, 2013/03/20 12:58

The processor, laptop screen, HDD, graphics chip, sound, wireless, USB. and touchpad all worked. I do not check the VGA Out, HDMI out, built in microphone, headphone or microphone jack, bluetooth, webcam, or suspend/resume. The exterior screen does not work nor does the touch screen. This was tested using Ubuntu 12.10 AMD64

Artem Grunichev, 2013/04/19 08:45

Have you tried something to make second screen works? Maybe, rebooting to Windows to set proper operation mode and rebooting back?

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