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Asus Eee PC S101


This is a compatibiltiy guide to running Linux with the Asus Eee PC S101 laptop.

This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at our guides section for distribution specific instructions.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Asus Eee PC S101. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Asus Eee PC S101 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Asus Eee PC S101 specifications page.

NameAsus Eee PC S101
ProcessorIntel Atom N270 1.6Ghz
Screen10.2“ WSVGA Widescreen
RAM1GB (Upgradable to 2GB)
Optical DriveNone
GraphicsIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
NetworkEthernet, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth

Linux Compatibility

Card ReaderWorks


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Marco Peter, 2011/03/17 01:30

I've tried Eeebuntu 2.0 and 3.0 which were the best. After that I tried 4.0 but it crap and I gave up.
I've also tried Ubuntu and Mint, but had problems getting wrieless to work.
At the moment I'm using Jolicloud 1.0 and everything worked out of the box, but i really don't like the interface.
I'm thinking of trying Ubuntu netbook remix 11.4 when it comes out, but only if I can be sure wireless is supported.
I'd say Eeebuntu 3.0 has been by far the very best.

Marco Peter, 2009/05/21 10:55

Hi all, I also had to buy my S101 with XP on it (which hurts!); which I booted once to see what/where the partitions were, before installing eeebuntu 2.0 (based on ubuntu 8.10). This ran well, though was just a wee bit buggy at times till i completed all the updates.
When Ubuntu 9.04 came out i was keen to download the netbook version as I've been running Ubuntu on my office laptops for a few years now. However that was not to be as my slow internet lines (in Nepal) meant I could only download 40 Mb after two days! Later when Eeebuntu 3.0 (Ubuntu 9.04 netbook edition) came out I easily downloaded the base version at around only 560 Mb and installed it last night. The installation was flawless and took only around 12 mins from a USB. Immediately I noticed special apps for the S101 were working and it was snappy fast, booting in around 17 secs. I have done all the necessary tweaks recommended for running with SSD, updates,and installed Open Office and all the other stuff I need. Now I've got a very stable, fast machine with a smooth, attractive interface. Next… some more memory when I visit Taiwan.

jimmy, 2009/05/03 13:02

Installing “linux-backports-modules-jaunty” in ubuntu fixed my wireless reconnect after hibernate problem.

jimmy, 2009/05/02 20:27

I'm running Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 on my S101. Everything works great: camera, mic, speakers, wireless, hibernate. bluetooth is detected but I haven't tried any devices yet.

One problem: wireless doesn't work after waking from hibernate. wireless hardware seems to still be alive, as I can detect networks, but attempting to connect to them doesn't work.

Stefan, 2009/04/22 00:05

Hi! I've just got the S101 and installed Eeebuntu NBR 2.0 on it, making a bootable SD card, getting a dual boot system with the Windows XP that was already installed. Information and links to software used can be found here: Eeebuntu on the Asus Eee PC S101. Stefan

Stefan, 2009/04/22 00:07

Sorry, bad link syntax above. The right one is Eeebuntu on the Asus Eee PC S101. Stefan

JJD, 2009/04/06 23:47

I bought the Eee PC S101 with Win XP in Canada and immediately installed Ubuntu 8.10 (with Gnome) on it from a USB flash drive. Win XP was shrunk to a 4 GB partition, leaving Ubuntu with the other 12 GB of the SSD, plenty for a travel computer. The install and subsequent updates went without any surprises. Everything seems to work – esp. web cam, wireless, Open Office, 16GB SD card. The “Extra” visual effects (System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects) even seemed to work, but see below.

Of course, you really find out what works when you go on a business trip.

  • The internal mic does not work at all with Skype, and in fact I cannot make it work with the toy sound recorder app either, even after an hour of fiddling with alsamixer and similar things.
  • Connecting the S101 to a video projector activated a really brain-damaged scheme in which the projector and the LCD display become tiny independent regions in a large virtual display. The projector was stuck in some low-resolution mode, and other bad things were happening, until I set the Visual Effects (see above) back to None. Sorry I don't remember what else I had to do to make the projector usable – I was trying to get set up for meeting customers in a few minutes and was scrambling. Some hacking of xorg.conf was required.

Other than the two unpleasantries described above, the S101 with Ubuntu 8.10 has been very satisfactory. Since I seem to be stuck with dealing with low-level issues anyway, I am considering a move to Debian in hopes of eventually ending up with a stable and functional no-frills working computer for business travel.

QM, 2009/03/04 21:38

Please look at this distro that is specially designed for Asus EEE netbooks (for all models) with preconfigured drivers etc.

electricsoldier, 2009/01/27 17:50

Hello all… Well I bought the S101. I love it, its a really great little netbook. Unfortunately I couldn't get it in switzerland with linux on it. Which annoys me a lot because i ended up paying for a winblows license i don't need. Anyway, moving on before i think about that further.

I have tried a few different distros on it - most of which worked quite well actually. I recommend trying: Easy Peasy, eeebuntu, and crash bang. Easy Peasy was nice, everything seemed to work fine, although the webcam only works in low res. eeebuntu was my favourite here as you can choose between a few different flavours depending on whether you want the netbook special interface, normal gnome, or a basic gnome. I highly recommend this one for users who don't know linux all that well as it is very easy to set up. I also tried crash bang linux because it uses Openbox for the desktop, making it a lighter distro for the eeepc. Although everything seemed to work ok (not true, the eee-control-tray has an error because the eee-control thingy doesn't support the S101) I found that the performance you gain with this distro is minimal - and the interface is made far less friendly by being an Openbox/GTK desktop with elements of gnome.
I also tried the debian eeepc project to see if I could set something up which was even smaller footprint wise… but it soon became a bit of a hassle, so I haven't gone any further with it… yet.

There you go, let me know if this is of any help to anyone, or if anyone has tried other distros… I'm really just a noob so please feel free to comment, or if i'm wrong about anything - point it out. Cheers!

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