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Acer eMachines E725


This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Acer eMachines E725 laptop.

This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Acer eMachines E725. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the Acer eMachines E725 page on LapWik.

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For full specifications see the Acer eMachines E725 specifications page.

NameAcer eMachines E725
ProcessorIntel® Pentium® mobile processor T3400/T4200 (1 MB L2 cache, 2.16/2 GHz, 667/800 MHz FSB, 35 W), supporting Intel® 64 architecture
Screen15.6“ (1366×768) Widescreen
RAMUp to 4GB
HDD160GB to 500GB
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsIntel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
Network10/100 Ethernet
802.11b/g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® network connection

Linux Compatibility

Optical DriveWorks
Card ReaderWorks


This laptop was tested with Ubuntu 9.04.


There is nothing special to report on the Acer eMachines E725. If you use a current Linux distribution you shouldn't have any problems with it.


stefan leonte, 2013/01/25 09:18

Works excellent with Ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin. Installation requires an external monitor. Backlight issue and Fn shortcuts are can be fixed easily.

This is the solution that worked for me :

I didn't come up with it, you can also find it on the web.

karthik, 2012/12/03 16:00

hi sir,

   my lap model is emachines E725 by acer. when i bought this one with 1GB RAM. it was very slow so i have changed to 4GB now also very slow its nt supporting any s/w. wn i am instaling new s/w its becom very slow or nt supports. its giving very trouble for me. what i can do. plz help me sir.

TARUN, 2012/07/23 05:05

I have acer e725 laptop.I can install fedora 14 with windows 7 was working fine.but the lastest release of linux distros like mint 12,ubuntu 12.04,back track 4 etc etc not booting via usb pen stick & i cannot instal in it.but tht usb stick works fine with my dell laptop.
After booting i get this message
SYSLINUX 4.03 2010-10-.22 edd copyright 1994-2010 H. PETER AVIN ET AL
(in black screen..after that no response)

My configuration is HDD-250gb
RAM-3GB ddr2
Processor-intel pentium dual core-64bit T4300

Please say how to install LATEST VERSIONS OF LINUX DISTROS in to my laptop successfully how?

Sarah R, 2012/01/26 08:09

Hi I think I'm pretty much screwed… I know you've already answered this question but I have the e525 and my brother put the Linux on there Ubuntu as well but unfortunately he was in an accident and is now paralyzed and can't help me figure out how to get my built in web cam working again… If you can somehow help me out I'd appreciate it. Thank you


newman, 2012/02/11 03:09

just go to ubuntu software centre, n look for cheese cam, n viola! cheers!

chandra kumar, 2011/12/25 12:20


I have the acer E-machine laptop, the letters are not coming, instead of that, the numbers and symbols in blue are coming. if we press the button fn and type it will come. what should i do get it normaal.


Reginald Munoz, 2011/11/07 11:29

I have an emachines E725/ Acer laptop, I just want to know how to get or install wireless signal on my laptop.


shamsul arfin, 2011/11/01 17:52

Hallo sir,

my laptop emachines E725 is linux based. and i am installed windows7 because my laptop not except window xp. Therefore i am trouble with its webcam. Webcam is not working. So please give me solution.
Reginald Munoz, 2011/11/07 09:35

Bold Texthi,
i have a emachine E725 and i want to install wireless signal on my laptop, can you tell me how to install wireless.


s.arfin, 2012/03/09 18:24

I have Acer's Emachines E725 notebook, i am installed w7 oprating system 64bit, i have installed webcam driver for it, but it doesnot working,i try to open its application, then(webcam's application) appears but does not working. only appearing black screen. Earlier it was working properly but after reinstalling new copy of windows 7, i am facing this problem. Camera manufacturer is Suyin & chicony.

kumar chandan singh, 2011/10/17 04:13

i just have installed ubuntu 11.10 on my acer e725. but my backlight is not working since installation. though i had found a temp solution ie. typing sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=0 every time i boot. is there any permanetn fix for that?


Oana, 2011/10/14 10:47

i have an e725 and i have done a format and a reinstall on windows 7 and now my wifi doesn't work anymore and it had worked for more than a year since i have bought it.pleeease help me anyone:)

jay, 2011/09/16 02:18

can anyone advice if its possible to change/upgrade the graphics card on the acer emachines e725.

nada, 2011/08/23 22:06

pk cette ordi na pas un micro integré est ce que ya une solution pour installer un micro integré pour emachines e 725 !

ben amor, 2011/06/21 14:36

j'ai un probleme avec mon webcam

rakesh, 2011/05/29 18:54

can anyone give suggestion how to get display of laptop of acer e-machines725 tp projector screen. Projector is working in pc only

rahul , 2011/05/02 11:15

hello sir, i installed Linux mint in my laptop which is Emechine E725,and when i use my wifi or wireless device i could not start it either its driver sre not installed or some problem,please tell me how to i installed its wireless device driver and use the same…
Rahul Chourasia

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jocel paul, 2011/03/18 14:25

hi can anyone help me to find the settingd to turn the connect to a wifi on acer E725.. everytime i connect i need to restart my laptop so that i can connect to a wireless connection….

karthik.y.o, 2011/03/06 16:12

hi can any one help me out here??! i have acer e725 machine and the problem is WIFI not working.i have installed driver still it not working and the switch light of wifi itself is not getting on its a new one and no other problem is there.i am using it with XP service pack 3.can any one give me solution for this please help!!!

hussain, 2012/03/04 06:34

how to instal xp in emachine e725.please reply me

pababirarum, 2011/01/13 16:07


hi! my laptop is emachines e725 and i use win 7 operating system and the driver of the video camera doesn't work. the same driver work on win xp, but not on win 7.can you tell me why?

Ed, 2010/12/19 22:32

All right guys - give a little, get a little:

My get: I have a emachines e725 running Debian Lenny. My problem is I can get sound if I plug in headphone into the jack, but the laptop speakers won't work, I get nothing. I'm new to linux but I'm ready to post any output request for some help.

My give:

Video: if you are stuck with a video resolution of 1024×768 with the intel GMS 450M, just go into /etc/x11/xorg.conf and edit the file so the device section looks like this:

Identifier “Configured Video Device”
Driver “intel”

and that will at least give you a 1366×768 resolution @ 60.1 fps, which is better than nothing.

wireless: I wasn't able to get my wireless card to work (Broadcom Corp. BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01) so I went to and followed the instructions for Lenny and it go the problem fixed.

Now you give a little… :-)


dean loken, 2010/11/24 05:31

where can i get a screen for my e725?

john troon, 2010/11/27 15:05

Local retailers for laptop acessories.
But here in kenya we have an acer agent.Dont you have one in your place?
Or from where you bought it!!
If you bought it here then you asked at the right place.

rishabh, 2010/11/18 05:34

where can i find linux drivers for my acer e725(emachine).
plz help

john troon, 2010/11/27 15:03

Depends, which driver your looking for.There are like all of the drivers as long as you identify what you want.
Wireless,LAN,wan,camera,graphic,usb,printer & much more drivers.
If you don't know where to download them will you know how to install them/compile them really.
Go for a preconfigured kernel environment.
try Mint for example[ubuntu version]
or Mandriva.

Hussein, 2010/10/10 12:46

I have acer E725 i was using windows 7 and now i want to install windows xp but it gives me blue screen error so now wat to do i have try lot of cd

John Troon, 2010/11/11 11:10

Ur using a old 32 bit Xp disk to format a 64 bit latest version of windows.

Install vm ware and intall the Xp in it.
try the 64 bit version release of xp.

sumanthnb, 2010/12/14 14:12

can u say how u solved ur problem my acer laptop is same problem

anand kumar, 2010/09/20 04:04

i am having acer emachine e725
can any one tell me how to install wireless driver in it

John Troon, 2010/11/11 11:13

give me your e-mail I will send you the files.
It is seems you are ignorant enough to avoid the official acer web page.
But if you havent formated the machine yet,just create a restore and a backup disk from the e-machine utility program.

wael mohamed aly, 2010/08/19 21:25

I have a labtop emachines E725, i wonder if it has a web camera or not and if it has how to activate it
please respond

prince, 2010/09/02 09:08

have a labtop emachines E725, i wonder if it has a web camera or not and if it has how to activate it
please respond

satham hussain, 2010/09/14 06:59

hi mohamed,just install the web cam driver.

bekim peca, 2010/08/17 15:48

can you tell me if my laptop have microfone …thnks

John Troon, 2010/11/12 10:59

E725 doesnt have an inbuilt microphone:
use a jack micro-phone on the left side (Pink port next to the earphone port)
Next time read through the page I hate repeating things:-(

roop, 2010/08/16 17:09

i am having acer emachine e725 with rhel5
can any one tell me how to install wireless driver in it

prince, 2010/09/02 09:10

am having acer emachine e725 with rhel5
can any one tell me how to install wireless driver in it


romain, 2010/08/02 16:02

bonjour tout le monde!!
j'ai acheté un emachine e725 mais je ne peux pas enregistrer de son!! l'ordinateur n'a-t-il pas de microphone intégré? merci de repondre.

hello everybody!

my computer emachine e725 haven't a micro^! is it normal? tanks for the answer

Kellie Whithead, 2010/07/17 06:28

I have an E725 and my screen is not backlitew properly it has been working but it has gone quite dull, how do i get it back to normal.

GABBY, 2010/07/14 04:09

hi my dvd player is not working i inserted so many cd but it dont work this is new i buy this last mont.modele-machine E725

john troon, 2010/07/14 11:27

Take your warranty and go back to your retailer.

ALTYSH, 2010/07/03 18:05


john troon, 2010/07/07 10:11

in which plartform are you running your system in linux or windows????
if its windows and you havent formartted your machine yet use the emachine console to burn the drivers and the whole os backup.
if you running it under linux go to softpedia and download

and i bet ur using latest ubuntu or debian or fedora (kernel higher/latest)

vijay, 2010/07/02 03:24

Bold Text

naresh jain, 2010/06/27 09:41

dear sir,
i have e-machine e725 but i cann't connect internet through wi-fi i have already install driver
plz tell me solution

john troon, 2010/06/28 14:21

which OS are u using?
which drivers have you installed and how did you install them (direct or ndiswrapper)?
if Linux which distribution & kernel version is it.
if its windows it should be working well else u must be needing serious help!!!!

please be specific for good assistance.

john troon, 2010/06/23 10:50

Acer e725
works better in linux!!
all the hardware sync with the kernel.The best distribution that am using currently is mandriva 2010! nice….

tahreem, 2010/06/13 12:59


i brought my laptop E725/E525 last year about september. i was told that it had a built in camera and when i got it the laptop looked as though it did have a built in camera but now i dont think it does have one. does this have a bulit in camera??? or do i have to get it put in?? please help me…i need to know as quickly as possible

john troon, 2010/06/23 10:56

If its a acer e725 then it shoul be having one.
just look carefully at the center where you usually grip to open the machine.
if it's there write back and I will help you then.

valeed, 2010/05/19 05:11

pl tel me wr is the mic?, 2010/07/27 19:54

there is no built in mic.
stupid PC
All Mac have them.
u will have to use an external mic

sushil kumar, 2010/05/19 04:01

please tell me how to operate inbuild webcam in accer e machine e725.
please give me some idea.

russel lou adan, 2010/05/16 09:10

hi sir\madam good day i ask about what i can do to work again my webcam in my laptop please help………thank you very much

sam, 2010/05/14 21:30

my acer emachines laptop has no buildin mic, can anyone tell me is it possible to fix an external mic in this laptop permanently. and also is the sound clearity good in this laptop?
plz help me.

arunkumar, 2010/04/25 07:19


  can u tell me, how can i add graphics card in emachines e725 laptop?,can i add?
John Troon, 2010/11/12 11:07

That is a bit commplicated but I can show you a hack that can work but with no warranty incase shit happens.Send me your email or regester for my blog
:And why would you wanna do that with E725 anyway? next time look for the right specs.What I am sure with upgrades in E725 is the memory up to 4GB,HD up to 500 GB but the intel graphic chipset<haaaaaaaaaaaaaa>

Monika Mandi, 2010/04/24 16:00

Can someone help me how to operate the built-in webcamera on an Emachines 725?

Thank you.

Lily, 2010/03/15 07:57

sir, i just got the emachines e725 laptop and how do i activate my webcam
and what is the proper thing i should download to activate it ive heard that the yahoo messenger is supposed to help but i tried that and it dosnt work please help!

LiLy, 2010/03/15 07:54

Italic Text

sourav , 2010/02/16 10:47


my laptop is emachines e725, i install in linux 3.2 version, but the resolution only support 800*600 i need high resolution plz give me grafffics driver for linux.

i waiting your reply
sourav jaiswal
ranchi (jharkhand)

Sirius, 2010/02/04 22:29

Brightness on E725:
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
Add acpi_osi=Linux on the end of the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash” GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux”
sudo update-grub
It works (on my laptop).

mares, 2010/02/12 12:13

Are your key combinations correct? (Fn+⇐ Fn+⇒)

windoze must die, 2010/01/27 15:49

dear wondoze users! THIS SITE IS ABOUT LINUX ON LAPTOPS! why are you writing here your problems with windows? you pay to microsoft so let the multi-billiard company work for your money. ask windows support :!::-D

Jjessica, 2010/01/25 23:54

how do i use the webcam??? i have no idea

Vivek, 2010/01/22 15:57

I have bought a new acer emachine e725 but things are working properly except i cannot install Xp and the wifi does not work i have to work with vista what a shit man!!!!!!!!!

SLicker, 2010/01/22 00:28

Hey mates hello i have acer e725,i have one problem with my built in microphone, i dunno if it exactly exist or not,can somebody tell me is it true that microphone is integrated to dat laptop? cuz i've tried to check it in win and ubuntu (now im using ubuntu 9.10) and it looks like that isn't exists. Maybe i should contact my vendors? or maybe there are solutions for problem? thanks for advices!

Watcom, 2010/01/22 00:28

This model does not come with a built-in microphone, you have to plug in an external one.

mustafa, 2010/10/13 11:29

Bold Text

ahson, 2010/01/03 00:43

emachines e725, causes a background sound, when attached a 5.1 speaker set and set volume to full. This is not the case with my other two laptops, any idea, suggestion please??

Wtf, 2009/12/24 12:40

Brightness on E725

roopesh, 2009/12/17 18:36

hi i installed rhel4 on my emachine e725 but ethernet not working where i can find ethernet driver for emachines

John Troon, 2010/11/12 11:14

Any kernel that was compiled before a new hardware have a problems syncing with the devices:
so find RHEL5 and above mostly 5.3 (which might not work with your screen brightness)
I recommend 5.4 latest release. or just download the latest kernel and compile in your rhel4.

Watcom, 2009/12/17 13:05

Ethernet requires the “atl1c” driver, not “atl1e” as it appears. Works perfectly for me. The only problem is the inability of the kernel 2.6.31 to set the lcd brightness. I think this is being worked on. To read the current brightness:

cat /proc/acpi/video/OVGA/DD02/brightness

The kernel accepts this:

echo 50 > /proc/acpi/video/OVGA/DD02/brightness

And changes the value but the actual brightness does not change.

emerald, 2009/11/27 06:03

I have had a couple problems. Centos 5.4

1:The Ethernet did not automatically install.

During the install the back light of the monitor turned off..

I had to actually edit the xorg.conf file and add

   Option	 "dpms"

when I have my laptop connected to a projector on boot, it sends the signal to the projector, and I lose the signal on my laptop…

( I boot in run level 3 ) the initialization of run level three is automatically detected which is nice, but I am still looking into cloning.

2: I have not played a sound file, but alsamixer works.
3: I have not tested the web cam.
4: USB good
5: optical drive works ( i installed it from there :D )

I'm still looking into fixing everything to make it work. I do have un-installed updates to do, so I will get those done and post again.

emerald, 2009/11/27 06:13

i also had to add

HorizSync 30-107
VertRefresh 48-120

to the xorg.. then my screen was fully lit.

the wireless works.. i can scan, but I cant connect to anything at my college because the admins don't assist you… and “you need to use IE.” from what i'm told.

but i will test wireless at home

Hmao, 2009/10/21 19:38

Device Compatibility Comments
Processor good
Screen good
HDD good
Optical Drive good
Graphics good
Sound not good
Ethernet good
Wireless good
USB good
Card Reader good
Webcam good

Ubuntu 9.04

Gábor Szekeres, 2009/11/01 11:05

A short summary of the first test:
Processor good
Screen good
HDD good
Optical Drive good
Graphics good
Sound good
Ethernet not good
Wireless good
USB good
Card Reader not tested
Webcam not tested

Ubuntu 9.04

Ethernet might be a hardver failure (ifconfig does not show it)

andrea, 2010/03/08 21:47

how do u go to the webcam

Joshua, 2010/03/14 17:22

just install the drivers from the driver cd . you can get a interface to your webcam…

any doubts msg me….

jessi, 2010/03/21 05:26

I talked to emachines support and they said the e725 does not come with a webcam but if you know a way of activating one please explain in detail.

B N PATNAIK, 2011/10/09 17:50

friend the web cam not working with windows 7 i dont know what to do kindly advice

muneer k, 2009/10/08 05:00


my laptop is emachines e725, i install in linux 3.2 version, but not sucssefully instalation complete , this lap are you not support.

i waiting your reply
muneer k

Gábor Szekeres, 2009/11/17 11:15

Installing Ubuntu 9.04 works well. After the installation I have found two problems:

1. Ethernet did not work. After upating across wireless internet connection ethernet worked.

2. Setting the brilliance does not work.

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